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just for fun...too much rain yesterday :)

done in ps cs 2
about 3-4 h

close-up: [link]
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_G smoking in the rain is always nice_`` 

   \\   Smoking =smoking=

I really like your work and this one really speaks to me. I was wondering if I might this piece for a picture of a character I have - of course, giving you full credit for it. Would that be okay with you?

Thank you
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great work, she is mysteriously gorgeous
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Hallo, das Bild ist echt wunderschön und stimmig. :D
Was für brushes hast du benutzt? Wievile Layer benutzt du für ein Bild dieser qualität?
Ich bin zu neugierig tut mir leid :D
Du machst echt unglaublich tolle Bilder
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mmm!  she looks great! :D
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i love how you did the rain here
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Einfach KLASSE!
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this is so beautiful! love it!
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Wow! This is amazingly good :)
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This looks amazing. I hope one day with enough practice I can draw a portrait like this. 
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Looks like Amanda Seyfried! But great job with the water droplets and the shading :D
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Looks like Max from 2 broke girls haha :D
Nice job
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i want to fav it twice
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She looks like she's saying "Are you f**king kidding me..." lol very nice
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amanda!!!!!!!! love her!!!!!!
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really nice concept, very nice shading and lights also, great work!
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very expressive!
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This looks really good. I like how much detail there is in it.
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