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JLA CG Concepts - Wonder Woman

A few weeks ago, just for fun I started doing concepts for a faux Justice League CG movie. I've always been a huge fan of Bruce Timm and the DC Timmverse he helped create, and I thought it would be cool to basically design the JLA movie that I would direct if given the chance. I didn't do any huge drastic changes because I didn't want to betray the characters in terms of who they are and what they're about. I just wanted to build on what's already been established and tweak things the way I saw them. I was going to wait until I had more artwork before I posted this, but with all the freelance I've got, I don't think I'll be able to work on this again for a while.

THIS IMAGE: I went with a very warrior Wonder Woman.  I thought that she'd be distrustful of the other characters, but gradually lose her Amazonian prejudices but over a long period of time (They'd be magnified by Batman's abrasiveness but mollified by Superman's sincerity and compassion). I was mostly inspired by Darwyn Cooke's design with some tweaks here and there where I thought it made more sense or would add some appeal.
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This Diana would be surprised that the female members of the JLA treat their male teammates like equals instead of like slaves. She'd also offhandedly remark that someone like Ice (timid and shy) would've been sold into slavery if they were on Themyscira.
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Oh wow I haven't looked at this image in yeeeearssss. I'd change a LOT about these takes now

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:D (Big Grin) Just like it! Her attitude is communicates very strongly to me in this design Congrats!
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Nice work and rationale behind the character.  Her gender bigotry is her Achilles heel.
I love how you interpret wonder woman to have a dislike in men. That gives her a charcter flaw which builds to a good story. Batmans would be his sociopathic behavior, supermans would be his distants away from humanity, and wonder womans (like you said) dislike to mens arrogance. If dc builds these characters arcs together in a movie or tv show, that would be amazing!
Hey man, I also really love this design, do you mind if I also did a sculpt of it? I can add a credit line like this:
Original Concept drawn by Daniel Araya
To each post of it if you want, pleeease say yes!!
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that's my favorite W W great works man
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Beautiful work!
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I LOVE this design of her! I kind of want to try modeling it, just to see--but I don't know if you'd be okay with that, haha.
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Sure go for it. I just ask that you credit me for the design if you post it!
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And I thought she was pissed because of her nappy hair.

Love the design and the shine on all the gold areas. She totally looks like she can kick some serious butt.
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Awesome take on WW.
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I like angry Diana. I agree with you about her attitude, especially away from home. I love the grim pissed-off look. She even looks hateful. I'd say the scene in your drawing is right after she knocked the consciousness out of some male villain. Very well drawn, sir!
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perfect concept
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Great job. I've always thought that the proper way to view Wonder Woman in the modern age is as a warrior like Xena. You ditched the stripper costume and made her look badass, while keeping enough of the old look to acknowledge tradition. Way to go!
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Love how she has arms that can kick your butt!
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haha yeah, thanks!
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I. Love. This.

She looks so badass!
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