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d e a t h r a y.
Yes, i made another but for :iconnewglasses:
(h  i)

It's fun, relaxing and a bit stressful to do this kind of thing.
And I like the result more because some colors fit perfectly, and I like that.

I would say that this would be the last of this kind of drawings, but I do not know, maybe I'll do another one of some character or artist aaaaaaaa.

Soooooo, as always, I hope and you like it and s o r r y Heart Heart --.

I made four versions jsjjsjd:

No gif






Art(c): Me.
Or AMERAWAVE 1980 偉ス遺.


Yes, another gift for u,,,,,--.

Just started yesterday to make this type of drawings / edits, I took but I loved the result. I wanted to make one with your character jsjdjs, I hope and you like it Heart Heart .

I made four edited versions in Photomosh:

No gif





Amera(c): AmeraXi
Art(c): Me.
Amera Amera.
Uuuhhhhh,,,, :iconameraxi: .

I loved the new design, and I wanted to draw it because it seems very nice/cute/awesome, I do not deny it jjsjs--.
(It's the first time that I've drawn a character of yours like that, so you'll see some mistakes in the drawing).

aaaa, I hope you like i t, nnnnn----.

((A lot of fucking detail s)).

Amera(c): AmeraXi
Art(c): Me
Happy birthday Miniboss!
*Open a door aggressively*.

haPPY TWO YEARS MINIBOSS!111!?!?!¡!?!!112121212.

*Strip confetti*.

Yeeep, the comic belongs to :iconnewglasses: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNNN-----.

I did the fanart from before, so as not to forget and not feel bad hsjsjajajs-.

Oh boi,,,,, Miniboss is currently my obsession, inspiration and I do not know what else.
The truth is that I never read well webcómic well, I passed them by, but I can say that Miniboss is the first (or second, I do not know) webcomic that I read and I loved it too.
Original characters with a very good design, plot that hooked me too much, very aesthetic color palette, all perfect.
How I would have liked to read the comic since its inception that was published in DeviantArt ;;;;;;;;;;;;

I know you want to revive Miniboos, but calm! everything will be fine uvu. Everything takes time :^^.

I do not know what else to put, but I hope and you like it; I would have liked to do a more laborious fanart but I felt that the artistic blockade was hanging me- ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.
wHeRe'S bEtAaAaaa A!11!!11111!!11!2122212211.

Miniboss(c): Flynnmutt.
Art(c): Me.


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