Medium Feature No.10 - Acrylics

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Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly medium feature at :devdevfeatures.

For this week I am happy to showcase some gorgeous Acrylic paintings. Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile traditional media producing a range of different looks depending on its composition and method of use. It takes a middle ground between watercolor and oils both in terms of water solubility and work times and allows for a great flexibility through a variety of modifications. What impresses me the most about the medium is its versatility - the full range from purely abstract, drip paintings to hyper-realism and everything in between as well as various combinations combinations with other media can be easily achieved.

I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you like the feature, fav it or share it to help spread the word and don't hesitate the let the artists know how much you like their work.

Demeter by kolaboy From the forest. by KlementinaMoonlight  All the treats.. ( Acrylic Painting ) by ooBLACKNIGHTINGALEoo Brontome Winter by JohnPatience Divine Fertility by carolinejamhour 

Blooming apricot trees by dismwork

Abstract by madison-cowles-serna 

I Poured a Parrot by etomchek Fairy by umantsiva

Quiet evening by Gudzart

Paul Gauguin by Don-Mirakl Luka with Flowers by driftwoodwolf

A Sense of Belonging by daviddentonart Astronomy Lesson V by FrodoK

Souls Release by shadowgirl

New wave by 13PaVel

Quiet village by artual Robert (Profile). by caldwellart

Monkey see, monkey do by DanielKarlsson Concealed Inner Self by Rednon

The Quiet District by raysheaf

 Listen 31 by benke33 Different place by AnnaFromTheTrain

 Campaign by thinhnguyenart 

Misty Memories by AnnMarieBone 


For this week's special corner I want to give a shout-out to the awesome deviants who take time to give special attention to traditional art.

The TA-Feat LXITraditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' 

In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here . 
Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques !
Hope you will enjoy this feature !





Traditional Art Vol. #2


Brush pen Hippidion by Eurwentala
          The Quiet District by raysheaf          You Know I'm Only Human by Culpeo-Fox

Art Feature - AcrylicsHello everyone!
Today I'll feature some acrylic artworks!
Hope you'll enjoy these!
All good pirates... by RanarhDazed by thinhnguyenartNonchalant by thinhnguyenartWild Glory by AnnMarieBoneNesting Dragon by FabeltierLes Aigles Arrivent by bedowynnFated by LuxDaniThe Faery Arrival 2 by krukof2Fiji Banded Iguana and Tagimoucia by Ciameth730 My Big Waterfalls by mengenstrom well as this awesome group that specializes in and welcomes artists who work with acrylics:


Censored by vivapo Lakeside by Acrylicdreams the conquest of reality by Sacadesi


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The Medium for next week will be INK. Send me your suggestions here or down in the comments especially some lesser known and more recent pieces. Huge thanks to this week’s suggesters: MegapixelMasterpiece, UszatyArbuz and LualaDy.

Skin made by fantasy-alive
Background by dierat
Mini-thumbs snippet by SimplySilent
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Thank you for the SHARING MY ART!:) (Smile)