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February 8, 1991
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Back again Digital Painting Weekly 27?
You couldn't have possibly thought I'd be back and won't be tempted to do a feature, did you now? Last year I did a weekly feature of the best digital paintings submitted to dA, at least according to my taste, and I'd love to do it again. It was probably my favourite feature to do since digital painting is my own medium. It probably won't be as regular as before and not as huge as before, and I no longer have CSS to make it pretty, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Here goes!
First post in a year! Just a shameless  boast about my new baby https://huionshop.de/item/145-621/huion-kamvas-pro-16-premium It's a huge upgrade  from my old Intuos cos it has a screen! Been considering it for a while now since the boy ain't  chea ...
Greetings from a zombie
Guess who's returning from the dead! Well, "returning" is a bit strongly put since I'm struggling to even imagine how I can reintegrate dA into my life after such a long hiatus, but here I am anyway. I didn't fall off the edge of the earth, at least not literally. I just had an unfortunate series of coinciding lapses of technology that left me with no internet, no laptop and no phone for a hefty chunk of the year. I managed to get most everything fixed by summer but then the manager of my pharmacy left so my two other colleagues and I had to assume a lot more responsibilities. I've since gotten used to the increased work load, but I still kept on postponing returning to dA because truth is, I struggled to imagine how I could make time for it again and because it just felt awkward. Which brings me to the most important part: I owe a lot of people an apology for disappearing like that without as much as a see-you-soon. There were a lot of people who depended on me for help for groups


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corniger-ariesHobbyist Photographer
Thank you kindly for the :+fav:s and wish you a wonderful week! :hug:
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Checking in, would love to share a conversation with you. 
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Dropping back for the first time in months. Still up to it?

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SummerDreams-ArtStudent Digital Artist
Missing your sweet presence here my dear friend. :hug:
Hope all is well at your end? :heart:
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All well and good, sweetie! Just a lot of BS from my tech. How has life been on your end, what have I missed?

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SummerDreams-ArtStudent Digital Artist
Glad to hear from you my dearest Dani.:hug: Although, just like you I've also just returned to dA after more than a year...so I've missed quite a lot of things here too. :D
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How are you coming to terms with the new mechanics in dA?