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Sally B

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Imperial War Museum Duxford 2015.
Image size
1600x1067px 1.67 MB
Canon EOS 60D
Shutter Speed
1/197 second
Focal Length
232 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 19, 2015, 5:18:21 PM
Sensor Size
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Enemy B-17 above!

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Hard to believe that out of the hundreds manufactured, only nine are still flyable.

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Indeed, but then I can think of aircraft that have had worse survival rates. The il-2 Sturmovik comes to mind for example, 36,000 built and just two remain airworthy today, and even they are recent restorations so the type has only just been brought back from extinction.

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She's gorgeous!

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i do like the photo of the boeing b 17

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Kinda like a French farmer today will plow his field and expose a pocket of mustard gas left over from the Great War.
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Warten Sie, daß die Kämpfer die Anordnung löschen!  Halten Sie Ihr Feuer!

(Wait for the fighters to clear the formation!  Hold your fire!)

Kämpfer sind frei!  Beginnen Sie Zündung!

(Fighters are clear!  Commence firing!)

Hundreds of FlaK cannons open fire and FlaK shells burst all at once in the formation and then like popcorn.  Direct hits destroy bombers and send them spiralling toward the ground.  Steel shrapnel tears through aluminum and human flesh, hydraulic lines and electrical wiring.  Blood, urine, sweat, and water freeze on the floor and rails of the catwalk.  At 25,000 feet the air temperature is as much as 60 below zero Fahrenheit.  All of the bombs except one drop when the bombardier pushes the trigger button.  The co-pilot is sent back to kick the hung up bomb loose.  He straps on a portable oxygen tank because if he didn't, he passes out in less than a minute.  As he walks down the slickened catwalk, he sees that one of the waist gunners is hurt bad, and the radio operator's head is missing.  Top turret and ball gunners are okay.  Holes abound in the skin of the bird.  Finally the copilot arrives at the bomb bay.  There is the bomb.  25,000 feet of air between them and Germany.  Hanging on, he kicks at the bomb.  Finally it comes loose and falls.  At 240 miles per hour, a mile goes by every 15 seconds it takes to kick the bomb loose.  Most of the target cities are located in river valleys, with soft alluvial soil that is good for farming.  When a bomb hits, it either explodes or it buries itself 10, perhaps 20 feet down.  In 2020, unexploded bombs are still found in Germany, and no one knows where all of them are.
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pearwoodHobbyist Photographer
Her majesty.
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"Bombs Away" Iconic shot...
Perfect (shutter) release!
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Beautiful shot!

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anyway nice one

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davincipoppalagHobbyist General Artist
a beauty
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