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I Want To Go To There.

30 ROCK. Is. The. Best. Show. Writing. Like. This. Is. Tiring.

Done as a final project for my Drawing I class. The teacher gave us each a piece of paper about 6'x4' (that's FEET, yall) and said we could do anything we wanted.

GAH I can't pick a favorite character... though I will say I really like the ebony and ivory thing going on between Tracy and Jenna...

Who's your favorite???
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Awesome! Tracy and Kenneth FTW!
whitekawaiitiger's avatar
i love this and the show :D
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Kenneth is my favorite :) Freaking awesome. Loved it when he was in the elevator with Jerry S.
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I can't believe that someone actually drew on a piece of paper that big! I have trouble with 11 inches by 8 inches! I have to say, you are a very skilled artist. :) I just have one question, how'd you get the whole thing into one picture?
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30 Rock is BA. As is this.
I'm impressed you could fill this up completely. If I had a 6'x4' sheet, I'd get about a corner of it done. :XD:
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The only one I don't recognize is the one on the far left but that's because I've never seen her before.
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You must not watch a lot of 30Rock. Thats Jenna Maroney. The original star of TGS, or "The Girlie Show". :)
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Nope. Never heard of them. >.<
30RockFan1's avatar
Thats ok. :) How many episodes have you seen?
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Oh... That explains a lot. :\ I don't think the actress is very famous... I think she used to do Broadway and thats about it. I know that shes on a couple of commercials now. :)
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