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No More Running



based on an old scrap [link]

More or less the opposite of the scrap, this symbolizes someone no longer trying to pull away from their problems. Here, instead, they have turned to face them head on. In this case, the foe is my arch-nemesis, the Debt Monster.

The character isn't me, but like the scrap, it symbolizes my feelings on the issue. As you would know from watching my journal, I'll be joining the National Guard soon, which will give the means to finally take a nice slice out of my problem, amongst many other reasons.

first page in a new drawing pad ^_^ FULL VIEW for lots of details!

mature content for mild gore.
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Sorry to pick something so trivial, but I love the smiley "buy now, pay later" adverts scattered here and there. It's amusing to think of such an abomination being made up of mundane (and sometimes threatening) legalese notices, but with a couple of happy banners here and there.

Although this also makes me wonder just where the hell that guy got his sword and sheath, and why he didn't use it before he got so ragged. Not real criticisms here, just mild points that I noticed. You know how my mind can work sometimes.

All-in-all it's a nice piece built off a great idea. Can't wait to see what else you come up with out of your Brand New Notepad(tm)!