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1972 Barracuda Graphite

By Daniel-Storm
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1972 Plymouth Barracuda Graphite
Graphite pencils on 12X18 Fabriano Artistico, 140 LB Hot Press Watercolor Paper, 32 hours

I think i did a pretty good job with this one. My proportions are close, but need to be tightened up some around intricate grill passages. This grill came out okay, but i used to nail passages like this years ago, and this grill is not as clean and crisp as i wanted it to come out.

I decided to pay more attention to the pavement than i usually do because the driver parked it on the stripe in the parking lot, and this stripe showed up on the car in a very interesting pattern. So i wanted to include the stripe and more parking lot than just the shadow. What do you think? Does it work? Does it add or take away from the drawing?

Most of the transitions in the value changes came out well, but i am still not as smooth as i want it to be. The original looks better than this, smoother, but i am still responsible for the presentation of the work. I’m getting better, but i am not there yet.

I am pleased that i was able to get many of the value changes the way i wanted them to look. I am happy with the interior, as i got a good representation of it without distracting from the front end. Not sure i like the license plate that i toned down to keep from being a distraction.

So i still have things to improve on, but if it was easy, then it would not be such a challenge. Nor so rewarding as i get closer to the effects i am trying to achieve.

Here is a candy grape version colored by :iconoctane-drb: [link]

Here is the reference photograph that i used [link] .
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Who ever likes to draw cars, like i do, since little i can remember the countless hours , pages, and sheer joy that is, to translate into a blank sheet of paper, a car(that really is an object of emotion, to guys , kids , old farts...)

one thing i know, is that, a drawing like this, so good, so made by someone that shares the same love for drawing cars as i do, can only become (be, exist) after decades of drawing.

i believe, deeply, that this is a kind of meditation... and, Daniel, we are tools, like the pencil, just above it... coordinating the hand as it makes carbon transfers to cellulose, guided by the same intelligence that designs and creates a flower...

one thing , the headlight area and grill, are they drawn too?!

<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Thank you for the kind words. And yes...the headlights and grill are drawn too. :)
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Good job man; she looks pretty! You've got some really good value change, and the reflections in the metal come across really realistically. How is it working on watercolor paper? I always seem to go for the smoothest surface I can find, try to eliminate all texture from the paper, and then add it back in with the pencil when nescisary. I think the interior fits right in; because you mention it, I looked closer, and the only thing that caught my eye was that the headrests are at different heights; accurate, but it might improve the overall balance/symetry to adjust them. I think you were right to include the line in the pavement, especailly to match up with its reflection in the body. I recal a beautiful car drawing a while back where there was a driveway-esque scene, with lawn and trees and sky, all reflected in the door and front quarter, and although well done it was distracting as the car was presented on a clean background, causing some confusion. So I think it's good that you've included it <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)" /> maybe though you'd want to clean up the ground? I think a horizon line would be a good cutoff for the asphalt, or extend it all the way to the bottom of the page? Minor points though; overall its a gorgeous drawing; I especially like the detail work in the front end, especially the headlights, all the reflections and facets, and the contrast between the chrome and the darkness in the housings. Outstanding dude!
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Thank you so much for the indepth critique!

The watercolor paper that i use is Fabriano Artistico, 140 lb. hot press. It is very smooth and stands up to a lot of abuse. I like it.

Things like the headrests always give me pause for consideration. Should i draw the car the way it looked that day? Or should i go for a cleaner representation of the car? I still am not sure about that question, but i appreciate your opinion on it. :)

And the background, another thing i am not sure about. One think i know is that i do not want the car floating in space. But past that i am not sure. Lyle462 does both in his work, which i respect very much, and i am not sure which i like the best. So i usually leave mine and worry more about backgrounds in my paintings. Or, at least, that is how i think about it today.

Thank you again! :wave: And Happy New Year to you and yours! :iconmeninasuitcase:
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I love the car, you did it great justice.
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I have much to do to get to this level...
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All it takes is doing it! Lots of practice! :)
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I agree, and effort.
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Very realistic auto)
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Thank you very much! :wave:
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absolutely stunningLa la la la 
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Thank you very much! :wave:
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Your Welcome, that was a perfect graphite:)
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Thank you very much! :wave:
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Thank you very much! :)
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Hello my name is lexi. I'm making a shirt for my bf for Christmas and was wondering if it was possible that I use your design. I would really appreciate it. Please comment back. Thank you so much!
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Sure! I would be happy for you to use it! :)
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