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What's Eating Sunset Shimmer?

Goodness, this ended up really dark, lol. Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz by luckreza8
I was feeling a bit blue and depressed day I drew this, and I ended up drawing this comic. XD This was a dark (and non canon obviously) answer to the question of what happened to Sunset Shimmer's human world counterpart. It is a bit strange we've seen no mention of her having one...maybe in a future EqG film? It'd be interesting! Twilight (Nodding) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 Been really liking those cute Friendship Games shorts too! :heart:

So one of my previous comics was based on dark humor, and it was a bit of a fail in my opinion. Was REALLY unhappy with that one, and while this is one is also dark, I think it's a lot funnier. Also, I put a lot of silly dumb background gags/references to things I like. Really liked referencing Horse Wife (that Tumblr is awesome) <3~

Also my friend :iconveggie55: wrote a book apparently! I imagine him writing a self help guru book, lol. Chicken Soup For The Guyra's Soul. :iconcadencebluaghplz::heart:

Anyway, college starts again in about a week and a half, and I plan for one more cute comic for next week. Until then, I hope you guys like! Stay awesome! :love::heart::hug:

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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
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Nightmare foxy in the locker just like "I am going remain here until you turn around"

Don't tell me she actually killed the human

Those eyes Sunset has in panel 2 are freaking me out. Also, the human world has fish Rarity and Applejack.

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Wow, and I thought my head-canon was tasteless, and my head-canon is that her human world counterpart is locked in a trunk somewhere.
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That’s disturbing
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I see a Septiceye, Fnaf boi, a just do it book, a how to cook book, a mcdonalds logo on Sunset's shirt, and many more random easter eggs xD

EDIT: I now see fish Rari lol
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Honestly, i figured that sunset was originally from the human world and was brought into the pony world by celestia.
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The fish version of rarity is cute
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I just noticed what was around her ankles... was human Sunset Shimmer a target of the mafia?
OMG the other version of sunset must of been sexually assaulted
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It's a reference to the myth that mobsters sent their victims to "sleep with the fishes in concrete shoes".
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Well... At least I'm not the only one who has questioned this...

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So what if Sunset were really killed by the mafia?
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Australia my butt, we bury backpackers in State Forests here, that looks like a water burial in Lake Michigan, off Chicago, gang land style to me.
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony 
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So the human Sunset Shimmer was a target of the mafia... what happened?
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The Chicago Outfit declared they were the only ones to have 'the outfit'. There were .... repercussions.
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So Al Capone himself was behind this?
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Hasbro, I command you, Make this CANNON!Eager dummy Eager dummy Eager dummy Eager dummy Eager dummy Eager dummy 
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So do you want human Sunset Shimmer to have been killed by mafiosos?
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That's what this is depicting. Mobsters were rumored to send their victims to "sleep with the fishes in concrete shoes", which is what happened to human Sunset.
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