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We're Simply Meant to Be...

Gift/fanart/ for my awesome friend :iconwhitediamondsltd: and her blog RariJack Daily.  :) 

Sorry for lack of content and artwork this week, my friends. :noes: I apologize for that! Been sick lately and just not feeling like drawing. But I had to do something for Christmas week. :heart: 

So I saw this 
this particular artwork from Diamonds blog, and I loved it. 030 Titanic. <3 

And it inspired me to draw something based off a film I loved when I was younger. As a child, The Nightmare Before Christmas was one of my favorite movies. :) I have seen it like a million times. XD And I decided to draw these two as Jack and Sally. Because I love this movie too much. :heart::heart:

I don't know if Diamonds has ever seen Nightmare (honestly the idea of someone never having seen this movie at least is impossibru to me. :noes:) but I hope she has, and if not she at least likes artwork with these two adorable ponies. This was fun to draw. :D 

Trying pretty close to match her style. Well more so than usually, haha. :XD:^^

I hope you all love this as much as I liked drawing it, dear friends! And Merry Christmas!! :love::dummy:


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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
MLP belongs to Hasbro 
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oh please do rarijack as eugene and rapunzel

applejack as rapunzel and rarity as eugene
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You actually made me ship this, because it's just so adorable and makes sense to me. Your art is incredible and beautiful. Please keep up the amazing work. :)
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Yay, shipping! After three weeks without DA I nearly forgot how it feels. :D ;p
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I legitimately thought it was her work for a second there.
Nicely done, HUZZAH!
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Ohohoooo it's perfect Jack and Sally. You clever dog you :heart: (A thousand extra points for Rarijack)
Really though you really made it shine with those colors. Wonderful broken color technique! So White Diamondy yet so YOU! Great job comrade :heart:
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Soooo incredibly cute!! :heart: Really they are, so much so I can hardly believe it! Thank you SO very much for this beautiful lovely gift my dear, you are always the sweetest thing and I so deeply appreciate it! I have indeed seen that movie, in fact I am old enough that I remember seeing it for the first time in theatres when I was younger, and I did love it back then. They are perfect and adorable, and I have to agree it is an excellent crossover idea. Also, I may be biased but I personally think it is one of your best artworks to date and in any case is decidedly my favorite, so thank you so much again! :hug:
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Aww, it makes me feel very happy to know you really loved this! :heart: I was deeply hoping you would! :aww:

You have seen the film? That's awesome, lol! I have seen Nightmare Before Christmas WAAAAY too many times. XD I am a bit too young to have seen it in theaters, rather I saw it on VHS, back when those still exist. ;p This is one of the films I remember most from my childhood, along with Gremlins, Space Jam (as ashamed as I am to admit that, since watching it years later, Space Jam is kind of terrible. Great song though! =p) and RoboCop. 

Was probably kind of young to watch RoboCop, but that movie is awesome! B-) 

Ah, but I shouldn't ramble about nostalgia! I am so very very happy you liked this work, and you flatter me WD! :blush: Thank you again for commenting, and you're absolutely welcome! :hug: I am happy for the most part with this work myself, though I will admit I was rushing a bit to get this done by Christmas. XD I will be doing another gift for another dear friend of mine next week! And again, you're very welcome for this dear! :clap:
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Wowzers! Great crossover :)
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Thank you so very much for saying! :heart: You are too kind, friend! :aww:
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Applejack Skellington...I see what you did there. :)
Daniel-SG's avatar
Hah, yep, I found that dumb pun WAAAY too amusing, myself. XD And thank you for commenting! :heart:
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haha yup, AJ and Rarity are simply awesome especially when fate puts them together to handle stuff. Great drawing and Merry Christmas to You :)
Daniel-SG's avatar
Indeed they are! I think I like them too much honestly. XD 

Still, thank you for commenting and saying so man! And merry Christmas to you as well! :D
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
no probs and thx ;) I hope I had awesome time :)
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I really hope you feel better soon; your health is my Christmas wish *hugs*
Daniel-SG's avatar
Awww, that's really cute of you to say, and I must say I think it came somewhat true! I feel a lot better today honestly! Still coughing some but mostly better!

Anyway though, thank you for the hug love. :hug: Look forward to me drawing something for your birthday next week! :blowkiss:
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You don't have to, sweetie...
Daniel-SG's avatar
Oh but I do! :aww: How could I not draw at least something for you my dearest one? :heart::blowkiss:
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Eeep!! Feel better soon ^_^    Lovely Rarijack <3 <3  hehe the outfit AJ has is quite interesting.. Oh wait, Jack Skeleton 6_9 yeah, my cousins gave me that movie..  for Christmas, many many many moons ago.. Then promptly wanted it to "see it" themselves.  Long story short, it's still in /their/ tape collection..  Not that I'd keep tapes around anymore >_>  <_<    Great art!!!  C:
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Thanks man! I do indeed feel better today! Still a bit of a cough, but it's mostly gone. :) 

And yes, it is Jack, lol. XP I was worried it might look too odd on her at first...but honestly I think it looks pretty good! Maybe I'm bias. XD Funnily enough, I don't actually own Nightmare Before Christmas myself. :C Just have it recorded on my DVR from years ago. ;)

Anyway, thank you again! :heart:
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