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Up To Mah Eyes...

Applejack (I have you know) Plz by RainbowYoshi305:iconsays3plz:Somepony kill me. 

Small drawing for the week. Mostly because next semester of college starts next Monday. Yay....I really should enroll, I probably should have done that before hand. ^^; 

A little inspired I guess by a lot of the cute drawings/doodles :iconunderpable: does, because I love his little drawings, their really funny/ adorable. :heart: I have for a while thought about doing Daily drawings, either on Tumblr or here or...somerwhere! But I am unsure I could keep up with daily stuff. :nuu:

Still, this didn't take too long. We'll see. :) 

Sorry for not having anything besides this little drawing, but I really want to enjoy my last week of freedom. 

Well, at least Robo Fortune came out on the 360, finally! And the voice packs. Republican Double is amazing. :lol::D 

Comic next week, I promise. :) Stay awesome!~
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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
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And this isn't even her final form!
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she needs some help from Raarity with those taxes..  Reminds me of me around tax time..
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This is always how I felt whenever I went back to school, high school and university lol ;p
VengefulStrudel's avatar
Heh, cute~ Gotta love that expression :P Also, starting already...? I knew schools, colleges, universities and whatnot started relatively early in America, but wow, in the middle of August? o_o Here, schools open in early September, and some colleges in early-mid October...
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Yay college. 

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I can relate to being buried another lots of stuff, my work doesn't give me easy time either. Nice drawing, very amusing :)
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Yay documents!
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Hahaha, poor AJ. But this is so adorable! I especially love the frustrated expression on her face.
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Heh. Well lucky for me, I'm done school... Now I have to find a real job that doesn't involve cleaning grimy and dirty dishes at a restaurant. (Shivers) I feel your pain, my friend.
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This is why she prefers to leave all the fancy mathematics to Big Mac.
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Wow you lucky you've still got this week, I started yesterday. -.- Cool drawing btw. Wink/Razz 
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Christ, you're starting early o:
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Yep, lol, even by American standards my college is pretty early. Public schools here have been going on for about a week or two. 

What's it like in Ireland? When does your next semester start if I may ask? :?
Veggie55's avatar
I'm not back until the 14th of September :p
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Lucky. :C School starts on 17th of August here and ends December 11th. At least we get a lot of breaks in between though. We get our first one on Labor Day. :D
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