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The Pony and the Pebble

UPDATE: Posted on Equestria Daily! It's the header, yay!…

Maud Trixie is best ship. :iconmlptrixieplz::heart::iconmaudpieplz:

I don't know, I saw Pixelkitties :iconpixelkitties: put these two together once in one of her works, and the idea has intrigued me since then! ;) I just think it's funny. Also, I wanted to show how catty Maud can be, haha. XD First comic in a while, and the first one to use actual drawn backgrounds in gosh, forever. =p Sorry it's taken me so long. Crazy couple of weeks lately. :) 

Sorry again for a small one though. :C It's all I have time for! But I thought it was funny lol. :lol: Also, new headcanon: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is located in Ponyville. :noes: 

Anyway though, hope you all get a laugh out of this silly comic! And thanks for sticking with me lately! Weekly art will resume I think, assuming there is no drama! =p:iconrarityknowsplz: 

Also, sorry to Pony-Berserker for not having Tom the Crab in this comic! I wasn't able to fit him in this one. :crying: Sorry man! :iconpony-berserker:

But yes! Anyway, I hope you all like this! :aww::clap:

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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
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I sense she is salty about the roast 😂

Coolposh's avatar

Freddy and angry moon in this comic!

Dragondudde's avatar
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
JBault's avatar
bassglaze's avatar
It's okay she was also calling Trixie thicc
KidgeTheAnimeGirl's avatar
I just noticed Apollo in the background-
Deisy04Nara's avatar
Is that the Majora's Moon in the background of the third panel?
AskGoverntale's avatar
He's angry that his cousin is being insulted.
AmyGirl219's avatar
apply water to burnt area
PrismaGalaxy514's avatar
JeannetteHime's avatar
Today on Pie Sisters...Maudalina tries to give Patricia Lulamoon a rock as a present.
Ummulwara7Fantage's avatar
Anybody understood what Maud said in the LAST PANEL!?!?!? That was SOOO funny!
ZetaRESP's avatar
Dull, Unpolished, Wizened and a bit round = Stupid, brute, wrinkled and kinda fat.
Alcolm's avatar
Everyone sees the Freddy.

But not the grimmdamn majora's moon.
Ponyfan1005's avatar
Seems like Freddy has escaped. Ponies beware!!!!!!!!!
FnafWorldFrenzy's avatar
Lol golden freddy in the bushes
rockonboy123's avatar
That burn was so bad even a Pokemon Burn Heal can't cure Trixie! Maud... Stay Savage!
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