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Spooky When Wet

By Daniel-SG
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Just making a small update, this was on Equestria Daily yesterday! :heart: It is the header!… Hooray, and much thanks to the uploader! :iconraritysmile2plz:

Oh and panel 3 is indeed a Candyman reference! It's not Foxy, haha. :iconfoxythepiratefoxplz:


Fluttershy teaches you why being scared of water is silly! :heart: 

Small comic for this week I am afraid! Lots of stuff going on this week for me, so not as much free time or energy. But good news is next week is Halloween! Expect spooky comic then! ;)

I like the idea of Fluttershy being afraid that she will drown in the bathtub, lol. =p I think it's funny and kind of cute. ;p And I had a chance to draw some fun expressions! The chart in panel one is a white board type chart, drawn with a marker. :iconapplejacklieplz:

Also, if you guess the horror reference in Panel 3, you will earn my respect! :love: Mirrors are a window to the soul...and scary. :o

I hope you all like this admiteddly small comic! Hope it gets a snicker. More comics next week i promise! :iconraritysmile2plz:

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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
MLP belongs to Hasbro 
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is no one gonna question the mirror?

CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
no wonder she smells like a hippy
makarosc's avatar
Like Marijuana?
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
ZanarNaryon's avatar
C is for Cthulhu, who sleeps in his palace in R'lyeh, one sight of whom will leave most of us slobbering, drooling and screaming
MixupPro's avatar
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
The mare who has chaos god eating out of her hooves is scare of everything
InkwellOfTheMind's avatar
:iconnostalgiacriticplz::iconsays3plz:Do you honestly think the bathtub is too scary to go in?

:iconfluttershysadplz::iconsays3plz:Well, the chart says...

:iconnostalgiacriticplz::iconsays3plz:I'm not asking the chart.  I'm asking you.
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XD Your comment made my day xD
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
lunamoon321's avatar
why is candyman in the mirror?
mindmaster123's avatar
That mirror... Candyman! :D
ThermTwo's avatar
spooky scary water
ponypal155's avatar
is fluttershy related to sonic?
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Aww, i wanna give FlutterShy a hug.
Vorefan0077's avatar
Fuck the water, THERE'S A WASP/BEE IN THE BATHROOM! ABORT MISSION!! *Dolphin dives out window*

(Irrational fear of bees/wasps: check).
DemonicLucario's avatar
Same here. I got stung on the nose when I was three. Since then, I have avoided bee's like the plague. Except that one year I thought the best way to get rid of bees was to crush every one I could find.
SammyD-Productions's avatar
Yeah. Not to mention that Captain Hook is in there, you can see his hook in the mirror.

"Get me Peter Pan!!"
RessurectedNightmare's avatar
same here man.
and wasps seem unnaturally attracted to me too :c
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