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Pretty Fly For A Fluttershy



------->LAST UPDATE FOR REAL: Seriously, this is the last time I update this dumb thing, but I thought it was so cool I can't keep it to myself. :D

I found out this got a posting on the Bronies Community Facebook page! Scroll down until you get to Oct. 27th. :aww:… <---------

LAST UPDATE: Posted on Equestria Daily! Thanks so much to whoever submitted it!… :squee: 
MINOR UPDATE: I added a few small fixes to the overall quality (cleaned up stray lines, filled some colors, etc). Not a big change, but I still feel it's worth mentioning. :iconraritysmileplz:

Time for another Fluttershy comic, my friends! Been working on this since about Sunday, and overall, I think it turned out funny.

Title is taken from one of my favorite songs by The Offspring, obviously. :D Just a small, dumb idea I had that I thought was funny. :nod:

I purposely gave many of the kids in panel 3 modern technology (ipod, iphone, etc) to partly reflect the change in society that technology has brought. I did some student teaching at an elementry school last year, and I saw so many kids with smartphones.

I remember when cell phones were those ugly flip things! Those were the dark ages, weren't they? :)

But enough of my reflections! I hope everybody likes some strange, silly dumb humor involving Fluttershy!

Also, Cheerilee is there. I need to draw more Cheerilee, rofl. :iconcheerileeawesomeplz:

Art by :icondanielsplatter:
Time Spent: About 8 hours
MLP belongs to Hasbro
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But I didn't listen (Fluttershy) PLZ I got all the bitches working for me, you know what I'm saying....MLP:Evil fluttershy just stay outta my shed, ok?