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Onwards, Sister!



UPDATE! I just wanted to update to say this is on the latest Drawfriend! It's #6! :love: Thanks to whoever submitted it! :heart:
:iconsweetiebelle-fim::iconsays3plz:To glorious battle! For the Imperium! 

Jeez, been a long week. Lots of homework, stress, and all that fun stuff. So I decided to draw something with Rarity and Sweetie Belle for fun and to chill a bit. I love these two, if it's not obvious. ;p It's my favorite relationship on the show. 

I've always found the idea of ponies acting like people adorable. I think others do too. So I thought it might be fun to draw Sweetie riding on her sisters back, and overall I think it looks good. Her belly doesn't entierly match up with Rarity's back, but eh, it's good enough! :nod: 

Necks are so weird to draw on ponies. :o It's difficult to describe, but it's just odd. ^^ Aw well. Also, I use a similar background color scheme for most of my Rarity drawings, lol. ;p 

Afraid I don't have much more to say for this piece! I hope you all like this cuteness! ;p Till next time friends! :iconpinkiesmile2plz:

Art by :icondanielsplatter:
MLP belongs to Hasbro.

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:iconspikethedragonplz: "Twilight, how come it's cute when Sweetie Belle and Rarity do it but annoying when we do it?"
:icontwilightsparkleplz: "Because you're a dragon with hard and sharp scales, that's why."