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Of Mice And Mares

>>>UPDATE: I want to say I am so very glad this was posted on Equestria Daily! It's the header comic actually, yay! :iconhappywoonaplz:…

Also, thank you all for the feedback, I am so glad people like this! :heart:

Well, this is a bit of a shift in tone from my usual cute comics! :noes: Normally my comics contain silly and happy ponies, like this one. :iconapplejackisplzedplz: I must admit, I am nervous uploading this, because I am unsure what the feedback I will get will be. I hope it's positive, I spent a good amount of work here, lol! :love:

Well, I have been in a bit of a dark place emotionally the past couple of days, and in my depression, I came up with this idea. :idea: And so I sketched it, and inked it, and colored it. And it was nearly done by the time I started feeling better, so I figured I would just finish it up and upload it. :shrug:

This is probably my darkest comic I have made, if only because it is a parody of Of Mice And Men, which is a very dark and sad book. I haven't read the book, but I have seen the film version. Considering how many schools require it to be read (though mine didn't) I don't think I need to explain the plot. If you don't know it, eh, just Google it real quick or something. ;)

Applejack's words in the first panel are lifted pretty much from George's last words to Lennie, lol. ;p I think this is funny in a dark way, namely for the silly last panel. :giggle: I plan to hopefully do another, more traditional cute comic this week too. So look out for that. :)

That's all I can think of to type, lol, sorry I ramble. Anyway, hope you all get a laugh out of this! Sometimes something kinda dark and disturbing is funny once in a while. Be back to cuteness next time. Stay tuned, friends! :heart:

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themanwholovesevery1's avatar

Why Does fluttershy always get treated badly

Was this a reference to a movie or something,if what what movie is it from

Devilactive's avatar
It's in the description. Final scene of "Of Mice and Men."

Rarity is your waifu Applejack. You would never shoot her. Like to reference, by the way.

sirdrawsalot97's avatar

We read it at school, the I like the movie better, it's kinda funny.

I don't get it.
KidgeQueen's avatar
It’s based off a scene from a book
AskGoverntale's avatar
Top 10 Anime Betrayals.
WorldWalker128's avatar
Yeah, I'd have less trouble shooting Rarity over Fluttershy, too.
Megamus-Primus's avatar
Of Mice and Men was my favourite book.
WorldWalker128's avatar
The book would have been one third shorter if they didn't cuss so much.
AmirShinobi's avatar
I'm going to have to agree with you on this.
jdrakis's avatar
im so confused wtf did i just read
MichaelAmaya's avatar
The best parody of Old Yeller and Of Monsters and Men that you will ever read in your whole life!
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Of Mice and Men.
MichaelAmaya's avatar
I said "and of Monsters and Men".
eta-gamma-14's avatar
I read that book in high school for twelfth grade literature class, and the instant I read Fluttershy's line "tell me about the rabbits", it occurred to me what this was parodying.
SilverShadow2722's avatar
Oh, darn. You're breaking my heart, here. Of Mice and Men was sad enough, but it's worse with Fluttershy.
UniqueColorChaos's avatar
I sincerely thought this was from the walking dead XD Between Carol and one of the girls 
King-of-Madness1's avatar
LordSia's avatar
I've never read Of Mice And Men, and now, I'm never going to.

Excuse me while I cry in a corner.
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