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>>>Small Update! I want to say I'm so glad this got on Equestria Daily! It's number 5!…

Also, yes, I know that there is a misuse of old English in here! I get it, I'm dumb, lol. =p Seriously though, thanks for pointing it out! You guys are much smarter than me, lol! :D<<<<

Holy crap this was a big upload. :iconscaredflutterplz:

Anyway, here is another comic! :heart: I am very happy with how this one came out, both in terms of idea and art! ^-^ I love drawing Luna, and I love the idea of her being a creepy stalker obsessed with Big Mac. ;p 

I also do ship Big Mac/Luna! :love: I adore that last panel, it looks so funny to me. 

For maximum hilarity, picture Luna sounding like Batman when she says that, lol. =p 

I did a much more dynamic style of comic panels for this one, and I quite like it, myself! 

Anyway, I hope you all love this comic, my friends! I hope it makes you all laugh! :heart::blowkiss::heart:

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Art by :icondanielsplatter:
MLP belongs to Hasbro 
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Then they both get robbed by a romantic deus ex machina.