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It Suits You Well!

This has been on my flash drive forever. ;3; But I've been lazy and not done anything with it.
But no more! Twilight (Nodding) Plz by RainbowYoshi305

This has been on my Tumblr since the day before. This was a work I did for fun during finals week to help stay sane. Inspired in large part by Hotline Miami, which is where AJ's jacket is based off of. I have always tended to like Letterman Jackets, I don't know, I just think they look and feel cool. B-) I think AJ works with it well, myself. ;)

And my own affections for Rarity and Applejack pony shipping bleeds through! :squee: Hooray! 

Uploading two artworks for this week, should be another comic next week. :D Until then, stay classy everypony! <3:heart:

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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
MLP belongs to Hasbro 
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This is not supposed to go together. One of them is a kids show that’s teaches you friend ship the other is a violent disturbing video game.
DoctorDadster's avatar
hahahaha...if only she knew who was the owner of that jacket....
ElPinchiBear's avatar
Do you like hurting other ponies?
Nitro-The-HedgeCat's avatar
QUICK! Give AJ a chicken mask and many weapons! It'll be amazing

My Little Hotline : Murder is Magic
strongbad-joe132's avatar
Awesome varsity jacket.
Derezzed47's avatar
"Do you like bucking other people?"

bombermuri's avatar
for fuck sake thoose things are evrywhere
EJLightning007arts's avatar
Dang AJ does looks good
MinkWinsor's avatar
Nice work! Incredible as always.
cajobif's avatar
Rarity seems to like it. Unless she is snorting about the lack of material somewhere...

Wonderful work
quick question did you intend for the crest on aj's jacket to be like the atlanta flames logo?
Tesseradical17's avatar
Lol, it was probably meant to be the A in Applejack.
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Aurora-Chiaro's avatar
This came out extremely adorable:aww:they both came out so cute!!! Awww!
Daniel-SG's avatar
Aww, thank you! :heart: I'm so glad you think so! :love: I was hoping they would, love jackets myself! Thanks as always Mand! <3
MLPegasis4898's avatar
It suits you well, indeed, Applejack! Look how much Rarity likes it! ;) ;) ;)
Daniel-SG's avatar
Well, who wouldn't lol? I love snazzy jackets like that, myself. :D :heart:
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I still got my Letterman jacket and it surprisingly still fits (if you take into account that that was almost 20 years and 40+ lbs ago). What's not surprising that this work is ubber adorable!
Daniel-SG's avatar
Haha, my brother received a letterman jacket as part of the school's band on graduation I think! He still has, somewhere. =p Though it's probably super super faded by this point. ;) Anyway, thanks as always man! :clap::aww:
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
adorable as always :) well done :D
Daniel-SG's avatar
Thanks man, I'm so glad you think so! :heart:
RigbyH00ves's avatar
You know, you're right. It is quite nice.
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