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I Had A Bad Dream, Rarity

UPDATE2! Wow this is an oldie huh? ;p Apparently, today is Spike Appreciation Day! I guess! So EqD did a giant Spike Drawfriend, and this was on there! At number 57! :)…

I believe I made this and uploaded it after my friend Aurora-Chiaro returned from her vacation? I believe! :nod: I do think it's still a cute artwork, though I would like to think I've improved a lot since this. ;)

Anyway though! Happy Spike Day I guess! Baby Dragon Wub! :thanks:

UPDATE! Bit of a late one, but I'm so happy this was on Equestria Daily! Thanks to whoever submitted it! :heart:… >>>>>

Here is another of my works I finished last week! This is the one I personally like the most. :clap: I don't draw Spike much, so I figure I owe it to the Spike fans I know I have among my watchers. Plus a very good friend of mine. ;p 

Only thing I didn't like about this was the background. I couldn't think of anything do for it beyond messy splatters and stuff. ^^; My initial intention was to give him pajamas (as in this picture… from the lovely WhiteDiamondsLtd) but I was worried it might be to similar, so I gave him more of a sweater jacket. :nod: 

I thought it was a cute touch to give him a Rarity plush. I wish I had a Rarity plush. :p I suppose that's about all I can think of for now to type. 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this! I look forward to uploading more works soon, and stay awesome you awesome people! :squee:

Art by :icondaniel-sg:
MLP belongs to Hasbro
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Spike: Rarity I had a nightmare.

Rarity: Oh, where is Twilight?

Spike: She's the nightmare.
MarioMario9090's avatar
Rarity:oh come here sweety
TheWholeBeehive's avatar
Oh wow, man!  Have you seen today's episode yet, Castle Sweet Castle?!  You totally called it!  :D
Envirotech's avatar
Awww  ^_^ I wanna Raarity cutie mark pillow now..   Very cute!! :D
Mario-McFly's avatar
There are a few people who make them on Etsy. What are you waiting for?
Envirotech's avatar
Oooh!!  ^_^  Money is I guess what.. :\   Also.. thinking.. do I  /really/ need a Rara pillow XD hehe
PowerHoodz's avatar
I've become more of a SpikeXSweetie shipper, but this is very adorable! ^^
diamondtron01's avatar
OH come on that's too cute
gogeta17's avatar
grr. i dislike equestria daily ever since they denied me.
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Don't be mean Rare and get going, a cute baby dragon needs you right now.
PonyLover586's avatar
FREE AVATAR~Rarity rockhorn. Blue Gem Pink Gem Peach Gem Green Gem Purple Gem Teal Gem Green Square Bullet Blue Square Bullet Silver Square Bullet Purple Square Bullet Red Square Bullet Yellow Square Bullet Pink Square Bullet ...gem after gem spike is at the end aways ...:faint: 
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:icondude2plz::iconsaysplz:I dreamt that I was the subject of constant abuse, nothing more than the butt of some slapstick cosmic joke.
:iconraritysmeelplz::iconsaysplz:Oh Spike, that wasn't a dream. That's reality!
MadnessAbe's avatar
Don't worry, Spike. Got the right music to help you sleep:…
Diebro210's avatar
Good lord EQD accepts everything you shit out do they? XDD
knightr33's avatar
How many of your works so far have gotten featured in that site anyways?
VipeyDashie's avatar
Aaaah! :iconfeelsplz: My feels!

Really Masterpiece job my friend! ^^
Zakgeki's avatar
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Dear heavens, I just got an inspiration for a comic:

"Dream of the Rarity Fiend" (another parody of Winsor McCay - I'd done one before)… 7@=e
BoneSatellite's avatar
Hey! Rarity plush! Stop being cuter than Spike! Ah, what the hell. The only way Spike could be more adorable than that plush is if he were a baby. Or a plush. Or a Baby Spike Plush! Goddamn, someone needs to make one of those...

It's always cool when my favorite artists decide to draw Spike, and this is one of the most delightful I've seen all week. It's also pretty fun imagining the context for this picture...

"I had a bad dream, where we didn't sleep in the same bed together."

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Hah, that's so... sad, Spike. :laughing:

Cool pic!
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Hum ... give me that Rarity plush Spike  !
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