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Something I made pretty quickly for fun! I was inspired by a fanfic I saw featured on Equestria Daily, and I thought that fic was so sweet.… I love stuff with Rarity and Sweetie Belle. :aww:

This is actually my favorite relationship on the show. I don't have a big sister, but I do have an older brother, and I think the writers really captured what it's like being a younger sibling to an older one. To me anyway. After that fic, I got thinking about doing something with these two, and that led to me having thoughts of Rarity playing with a much younger baby Sweetie Belle. And that motivated this! :clap:

Now, I drew the sketch in like 12 minutes (very quick for me), and barely did any editing to the initial drawing. As such, proportions and such seem a little awkward in hindsight. :o I realized while drawing that Rarity looked a little less like a filly, and Sweetie Belle looks a little too big. But, I was nearly 68% done, so I figured, whatever, I'll just keep going, lol. :shrug:

So maybe it's not "filly" Rarity, but teenage Rarity? Maybe? I dunno, doesn't seem that out of place for Rarity to have been a teen when Sweetie was born. I know baby ponies usually have dot eyes, but I didn't want to draw her with them. It sounded like more fun to give her big eyes. :iconreallylikehermaneplz:

So yeah! Just something small I made for fun, lol. I plan to do something comic related for a special project this weekend, then I plan for at least one more paint drawing, then some comics! I hope you all like this, and stay tuned for more art, friends! :blowkiss:

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Time Spent: About 6 hours
Art by :icondanielsplatter:
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so freakin cute kawii!