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Fluttershy's Bad Mane Day (UPDATE)

MORE EDIT: Posted on Equestria Daily! Thanks to whoever got it on there! :heart:…
Fixed a typo in the dialogue and made a few minor edits! Hope it looks slightly better now. :iconfluttershyyesplz:

:iconfluttershycantplz::iconsays3plz:But-But-But that's not fair!

:iconspitfireplz::iconsays3plz:Well, you can leave a complaint in the complaint box, but quite frankly.

:iconseriousspitfireplz::iconsays3plz:I DON'T CHECK THAT ****!
More comics! I promised something today, and I deliver! :iconfluttershysaluteplz:

Found my old copy of Conker: Live and Reloaded sitting behind Skyrim of all things (I haven't touched Skyrim in forever, rofl), and started playing it again. Celestia, I love Conker's Bad Fur Day. If only Rare hadn't been consumed by the Microsoft machine. God rest it's soul. :(

This scene is inspired by the part at the beginning of It's War, when the SHC Commander "recruits" Conker. I think the War chapter was the best in the game (there's something hilarious about seeing Ssquirrels reenacting the landing scene from Saving Private Ryan with teddy bears), and it's so awesome in L&R. I actually prefer L&R to the N64 version, oddly enough. :nod:

I'm thinking of possibly continuing this, if enough people show interest. Anywho, crammed in references to stuff I like in the panels. Some are pretty obvious. I planned for Spitfire to use a frying pan, but I thought the crowbar would be funnier (and easier to draw). XD

Unfortunetly, I have some homework to finish up, and I've run out of things to say, so I'll stop blathering. :blahblah: Regardless, hope everybody gets a laugh out of this, friends. :)

Art by :icondanielsplatter:
Time Spent: About 18 hours.
MLP belongs to Hasbro.
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Then, Rainbow Dash did a Sonic Rainboom right onto Spitfire's back, instantly paralyzing her.
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Yes, here's my complaint from the complaint box.

:iconspitfireplz: What's it say?

*grabs the crowbar from before and bashes Spitfire's brains in with it until her head leaves a fleshy red puddle on the floor* IT SAYS IF YOU DO THAT SHIT TO FLUTTERSHY THEN YOU'LL GET FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL FUCKING REASON!!!!

:iconsoarinplz: C-Commander?! O_O

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Looks like someone has been playing too much Minecraft.
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Ok. Is it just me, or is Fluttershy gonna keep getting the "Enemy Treatment?" Here's what I mean:
1) In a FimFiction story, Fluttershy was dancing with Luigi. Then, a few minutes later, she gets banished from Equestria in a fight with King Sombra.
2) In another FimFiction story, the Ninja Turtles get teleported into Equestria by some machine (in which Donnie didn't build, I think) and get help from the ponies to fight off the Foot-Bots. A few hours later, the ponies, including the Mane Six, get captured by the Foot Clan, and had been forced to put on Foot masks that makes the ponies' control over their own actions, well, uncontrollable.
3) And now, excuse me for my language, this piece of SHIT and CRAP!! Spitfire asks Fluttershy to join the army, Fluttershy says no, then gets clanged on the head, and have an army helmet slapped on her head right after.
Look, I just want to say: Are. You. Freakin.' SERIOUS?! My girl, gets this crazy treatment, for NO GODDAMN REASON?! Sheesh...give her a break...
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Same reason she makes a good psychopath: She's too nice. If you want a reluctant protagonist then Fluttershy is the obvious choice, and on the flip-side her 'niceness' may at times appear saccharine and disingenuous.
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She's the one who is most reluctant in these types of scenarios, making her an easy protagonist for them.
this reminds me of the Fimfiction story "Changeling of the guard": a recruiter told the disguised changeling "you WILL sign up for the royal guard" he did!
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So there are four references..... Full Metal Jack, Watchmen, Half-Life, and Minecraft
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Actually 5 because the whole comic is a reference to the "its war" chapter from conkers bad fur day for the Nintendo 64
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And soon Spitfire was arrested for a forceful draft by her fellow officers after she tried to enlist Fluttershy

Princess Celestia Mad Emoticon.
: In hindsight though I'm letting you out cause we have a war to win. But ask first and if they say no, they mean no!

:iconseriousspitfireplz:: Pansy.
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*kills Spitfire with the crowbar she used on Fluttershy* I prefer daisies myself.
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Dude....what the heck?
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Anyone who treats Fluttershy the way Spitfire did deserves death.
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Five seconds later...
Fluttershy: You can't draft me.
Spitfire: Why not? Enderman and I said so.
Fluttershy: Yeah... **slaps her forehooves together** Angel? Have Harry 'deal' with this "Enderman" <<ROAR!!>> *CHOMP!*
(all the while the Element of Kindness hasn't broken eye contact with Spitfire) and as for you...
Fluttershy :I emote +Fluttershy frightend The power of the stare compels you to revoke my drafting!
A dazed Spitfire: yes, consider yourself a citizen-pony again... Keep up your fine veterinarian skills.... ma'am...

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She will have friends with her, Applejack has already been drafted, and Rarity is there too;)
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Minecraft reference
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Omg lol poor Fluttershy.
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Half-Life Crowbar?
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wtf spitfire you are a flankhole MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Fire Furious Mad EqG Rainbow Dash Angry Plz 2 Fluttershy Rage Icon Applejack (Angry) Plz Spike (Upset) Plz Discord (angry) plz Derpy Hooves EqG (angry) plz Luna White White Eyes You Have (Princess Luna) EQG Applebloom Icon #11 Scootaloo EqG (angry) plz 
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Aah... It reminds me the time when I was playing Conker's Bad Fur Day.
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How flutters won the war.
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