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The alternate title is Dorkest Dungeon...should I have gone with that? 

Anyway, time for weekly camic! EQG Twilight Aww Plz by ChameleonMan55
Small silly one for today. I LOVE Dungeons and Dragons. I have only been able to play it with a full group twice in my life, but it was a blast, and so much fun. :love: A lot of the fun comes from who you play DnD with, and I thought it would be really silly to stick contrasting ponies in a DnD Adventure group, lol. 

For classes, Fluttershy is a fighter, Trixie is a wizard (obviously), and Twilight is a necromancer. Maud isn't playing this campaign, she's just the DM. ;)

I am sure anyone who has ever been Game Master has had to deal with rowdy players at least once, and I like the idea of every game descending into a mess of dysfunction. :giggle:

Also, speaking of DnD, if you like Dungeons and Dragons, you should watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It's hilarious. XD Also, had fun with Trixie's outfit. It's a reference to South Park: The Stick of Truth, haha. ;p And the book Maud is reading from is the Monster Manuel. It's the manual used in D&D, but it's appearance is more of a reference to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirh. :aww:

Just a silly comic for this week, hope you all like! Stay tuned for next week! :heart:

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I love how Trixie dressed up in cartman wizard outfit from South Park the Stick of Truth.