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Dummies and Dragons

The alternate title is Dorkest Dungeon...should I have gone with that? 

Anyway, time for weekly camic! EQG Twilight Aww Plz by ChameleonMan55
Small silly one for today. I LOVE Dungeons and Dragons. I have only been able to play it with a full group twice in my life, but it was a blast, and so much fun. :love: A lot of the fun comes from who you play DnD with, and I thought it would be really silly to stick contrasting ponies in a DnD Adventure group, lol. 

For classes, Fluttershy is a fighter, Trixie is a wizard (obviously), and Twilight is a necromancer. Maud isn't playing this campaign, she's just the DM. ;)

I am sure anyone who has ever been Game Master has had to deal with rowdy players at least once, and I like the idea of every game descending into a mess of dysfunction. :giggle:

Also, speaking of DnD, if you like Dungeons and Dragons, you should watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It's hilarious. XD Also, had fun with Trixie's outfit. It's a reference to South Park: The Stick of Truth, haha. ;p And the book Maud is reading from is the Monster Manuel. It's the manual used in D&D, but it's appearance is more of a reference to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirh. :aww:

Just a silly comic for this week, hope you all like! Stay tuned for next week! :heart:

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I love how Trixie dressed up in cartman wizard outfit from South Park the Stick of Truth.

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That's what trixie gets for being a show off haha!Icon-Trixie(Shocked) :icontrixieafraidplz: Trixie Crying Trixie Crying Angry Trixie :icontrixieeyerollingplz: Trixie (Sad) trixie: the great and powerful trixie is  sorry.[i guess] 
me:what was that?
trixie: NOTHING! hehe:icontrixieafraidplz: 
Scyphi's avatar
This is why you don't mess with Maud, Trixie.
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Trix, you just got burned.
alexwarlorn's avatar
"Me being dead does not answer my question!"
PrincessRainbow123's avatar
Trixie is dressed as the Grand Wizard! From South Park!
smartboy018's avatar
Twilight so damn cute in first panel!!!
LimboLogic's avatar
dont be a dick to the dungeon master, they'll fuck you up! XD
PrincessRainbow123's avatar
Trixie is Dressed like Cartman
wildhawk441's avatar
Fluttershy's costume looks like something from the rowdy section of an Oakland raiders home game!

Two (my guess) wizards in the party? I'm surprised that Trixie wasn't feuding with Twilight (like she was pre season 5)
The-PurplePony's avatar
You asked for it Trixie!! 
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Ok everyone in equestria is gonna punch me in the face for this. I never played dungeons and dragons before. What do you do in it?
eta-gamma-14's avatar
You run around doing quests in dungeons and slaying dragons, as the name implies.
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
I got to get this game. Im a huge RPG lover
SparkleChord's avatar
Hello there ^^

I really enjoy your comics, they are extremely well made and well written ^^ I was wondering, would it be alright with you if I did a dub of this comic?  I would be sure to credit you in the video and description, and would link back to the original comic.  

Thank you very much for your consideration. c:

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Never question how the encounters happen, only why you didn't see it coming..
JohnDiscordia's avatar
I am noticing a trend with MLP and D&D recently. Otherwise, this is a great comic, and does actually help dhow how hilarious powerful the dungeon master can be in a game.
Passin's avatar
Moral of the story? Don't EVER argue with the rocks;D
SirIzzy5886's avatar
Does anyone notice Trixie is wearing the Cartman outfit from Stick of Truth
VictorReisSobreira's avatar
You came across a enchanted rock forest
Gray rocky rocks as far as the eye can rock
I, the WHIZZARD made the rock forest you see before you
Dare you enter my magical realm?
xStarfirie's avatar
Fluttershy looks adorable! :3
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