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Don't Hug Me, I'm Studied
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Published: March 13, 2014
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UPDATE! I just realized this comic has over 2,000 favorites!! Sweet Lord! :icontrixiecantunseeplz:

I am so glad so many people seemed to like this comic lol! Over 2,000, that's so awesome!! :D


>>>UPDATE!<<<< First off, so glad this was on Equestria Daily! It's the header actually, right here! Thanks to whoever sent it! :heart: www.equestriadaily.com/2014/03…

Second, sweet Luna this comic has 1,200 favorites!? That's insane, lol! Thank you all so much, glad so many people enjoy this! :iconhappywoonaplz:


Another comic friends! Decided to do something a bit different in style for this one. First off, this is my first comic that's not really funny, more just kinda cute. I can't think of anything for a funny comic, lol, hence cuteness, because it's easier. ^^;

But more so, I decided to do a comic without any real words. Well, there's speech bubbles, but I avoided words, preferring to use symbols. I wanted the characters to tell the story of sorts, if that makes sense. :) I think I did it decently enough. In case you don't understand for whatever reason, Celestia wants to hug Luna, but Luna's busy. But gets hugged anyway. Surprise! :iconmolestiaplz:

What the exact words are is up to you I suppose. :nod: I've always found silent comedy/stuff where actions tell the emotions extremely charming, and that's what I was hoping to emulate. :clap: I might do more like this if people find it interesting. :excited: 

Panel 2's art could be better, but I love Luna's face in panel 3. I like the idea of Luna being more reserved and less comfortable with physical affection than her sister. Not as adept with social skills you know, lol? :iconprincesslunashyplz:

Anyways, I've rambled enough! I hope you all like this, expect more art work next week! Not sure what yet, but stay tuned! ;)

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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
MLP belongs to Hasbro </b>
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RandomComrade|Hobbyist General Artist
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LunalaCrevan|Student General Artist
Pft,that moon,though!XD
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Lol they're acting like sisters :D
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NightmareWolf001|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the mooooooon
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CaramelGifts|Hobbyist General Artist
What's your favorite idea?
Mine is being creative
How do you get the idea?
I just try to think creatively

Now when you look at this orange
Tell me please, what do you see?
It's just a boring old orange!
Maybe to you, but not to me
I see a silly face! (wow!)
Walking around and smiling at me
I don't see what you mean
Cause you're not thinking creatively!

So take a look at my hair (Cool!)
I use my hair to express myself
That sounds really boring
I use my hair to express myself

Now when you stare at the clouds in the sky
Don't you find it exciting? (No)
Come on, take another look (Oh right!)
I can see a hat, I can see a cat
I can see a man with a baseball bat
I can see a dog, I can see a frog
I can see a ladder leaning on a log

Think you're getting the hang of it now
Using your minds, to have a good time
I might paint a picture of a clown
Whoa there, friend, you might need to slow down!

Here's another good tip! (Yeah?)
Of how to be a creative wit
Kids, go and collect some leaves and sticks
And arrange them into your favorite color
Blue! Red! Green!
Green is not a creative color

There's one more thing that you need to know
Before you let your creativity flow
Listen to your heart, listen to the rain
Listen to the voices in your brain

Come on guys, let's get creative!
Get creative!
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fyre-byrd|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now let's all agree to never be creative again...
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CaramelGifts|Hobbyist General Artist
*Slams On The Piano*
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ArseNick101|Student Writer
wow this song is amazing. reminds me of when i used to watch DHMIS as a little child.
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CaramelGifts|Hobbyist General Artist
Because I Copied And Pasted The Lyrics For The First DHMIS Song
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Elektrocuted|Student General Artist
No they're saying DHMIS reminds them of when they used to watch it as a kid.
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SonCloud|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You know you want a hug, Luna! Search your feelings, you know it to be true!
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Diamond-Song|Hobbyist Artist
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Aww, this is so cute, I love how you had the moon look like Majora's moon in the 3rd panel!
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My older brother does this to me alot. But I hate hugging other boys
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Reaper2545|Student Digital Artist
What's your favorite idea 
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JediMoonstar|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so cute but let's run from the moon now!
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I didn't wanted to sound creppy or anything.
But i really wish someone would do that to me, without asking but just hug, just one. :(
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Mole-- Celestia wil get her way :D
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In Panel 3 the moon is angry because Luna is angry :)
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nice job with the DHMIS reference
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What heck Luna are so grumpy?  :confused: Well doesn't matter,the strip is cool and funny! :giggle:
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omg dat moon doe XD
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The title! I got that reference
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