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Broken Expectations

Sequel kind of to this comic from last year. Maud Pie Reviews: Rainbow Rocks by Daniel-SG Maud gives it 8 rocks out of 10. Maud pie (i like the too) plz by luckreza8

Oh, Maud, for whatever reason, people seem to really like my comics when they have or are about Maud. I think it's cause she's just a great character. ;) Maud Pie- Intense. by Peculiar-Horse 

I noticed, at least on EqD people seemed to not like Rarity Investigates. I liked it a lot, the haters can sock it. Yeah, you know who you are. KIF. If you read this I'm talking about you Kif, you piece of-

Anyway! Maud's words are pretty much my general thoughts on the midseason. Canterlot Boutique felt really underwhelming, even as a Rarity fanboy. But I liked Rarity Investigates just fine. :aww: This is a dumb comic I know, but hey, dumb is fun sometimes. I had the image of Maud rapid fire monotone voice in panel 4. :giggle:

Hope you guys like, going to try for two artworks this week!~<3


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Art by :icondaniel-sg:
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Maud, and her sister, Pinkie Pie the fourth wall breaker!

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Pinky Pie's like "DAFUQ?!"
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I like that response from Maud. It's a more detailed answer than just simply describing something
as "good", "fine", or "alright." 
Reenaki's avatar
critics b like
XLunarMistX's avatar
o-o ... im not reading all of that......
Toxicgambit's avatar
Maud got the PHD look think going on lol
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Maud Broke Pinkie!rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony GIF My Little Pony - Crazy Laugh! 
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lololololololol im dead!!! omg
Pastel-Pony-Artist's avatar
Actually, it's approximately 115 words from what I counted, but who's counting anyway? =P
mlprj's avatar
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I Read maud's speech, in a faster vers of maud's voice, XD
unit707's avatar
I read Maud's explanation in a fancy accent or something like that. I have no idea why.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
I wasn't expecting Maud to speak that much... but I highly agree with her, actually... :nod: :nod: :nod:
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Raven did it again!
DatPoneEnthusiast90's avatar
Every episode before Slice of Life was kind of meh for me, and the episodes after it were kind of hit and miss...So I'm nervouscited to see what MLP can do with Season 6, to say the least. Applejack (uh sorry) plz
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i can fix pinkie
*pulls out a big chocolate cake*
me special 8 layer chocolate heaven cake one bite of this and youll feel like your in heaven now i dont want to brag but im quite good at cooking a cake
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i agree that maud is a great character
ianolivia's avatar
Season 4 was garbage. 
DragonTurtle2's avatar
I thought Canterlot Boutique was pretty impressive, while Made in Manehattan was a mess.
RBDoucette's avatar
You Maud "mad", Pinkie? :D
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