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Hey, a comic! Haven't made one of these in forever! Nearly 3 months I think. :noes: And to be honest, there's a reason for that. After my last comic (below) I got kinda burnt out on comics. I worked really hard to get it done, and got a pretty disappointing reception. :( No one's fault except mine, I guess, the joke isn't very good or even well drawn. :nod: But I think I may have gotten the spark back! We'll see. ;)
Shut Up, Comedy by DanielSplatter <<<(Previous Comic)
This is the result of combining a bunch of silly things into one dumb, random comic. And yes, that last panel is an Atop The Fourth Wall reference. AT4W yeah! Also Pokemon and the Wicker Man. I got bored once it was done and added a bunch of references to things in the background. It's crammed full of 'em! Name them all for a cookie! :clap:

I feel I should explain what the heck is up with panel 2. It's subtle, but so subtle it may not be understood. Basically, I planned to surrond Twilight's head with things that start with B. Bee, B, get it? Yeah, it's dumb. ^^; I planned to add things like Boba Fett's Helmet, but honestly I got lazy and wanted to be done with this. So it's just Bill Cipher, Button's Mom, and BronyCurious! :icontommyoliverdraws: 

I hope the strangeness will make some people laugh at least. Or at least appreciate the art, because I think this is artistically my best comic, by far. :) Pretty happy with how everything looks! ;D Ah, but I've rambled enough! I hope you all like it, and stay tuned, might be more comics soon! Or more artwork at least for sure. Buh-bye! :wave:

PS- If someone showed this to Linkara though Twitter or something, that would be the coolest thing ever, and I would love you. :iconpinkiesmile2plz:

Art by :icondanielsplatter:
MLP belongs to Hasbro. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo. 
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Well beedrill is a posion bee pokémon