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Baking Bad

By Daniel-SG
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I've never seen Breaking Bad. ;A;

Anyway, time for stupid comics! Small one as usual. Once the semester is over, I promise you'll start seeing a lot more in terms of big comics with a lot more detail. But hey, for now, I have this! Just a silly dumb idea I had. I do love to pick on Fluttershy. ;p

Well, honestly it's less I like to pick on her, and more she's just really fun to draw. :aww: And I don't draw Pinkie enough! This is what happens if you cross Pinkamena Diane Pie. ;p 

Also, is it just me, or does Fluttershy look strangely like Chica? Their color schemes are certainly similar! ;)

I am afraid I don't have a ton to say right now. I'm feeling sad a bit too, because Mortal Kombat X came out Tuesday, but I have no money to get it. I just want to play Mortal Kombat X..... ;_;

Anyway, hope everybody gets a laugh from this! You're all awesome, and be sure to stay awesome! :clap::squee:  


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some pony break fluttershy out of jail 
Ddraig235's avatar
Don’t worry I know a bot that can get her out and Distract the guards. His names Devastator.
fyre-byrd's avatar
So who else noticed a missing comma between "bake" and "everypony"? Commas save lives, which could be the real reason why Fluttershy was imprisoned.
dth1971's avatar
The My Little Pony version? Sonic planned one but cancelled it after Archie comics lost the contract in 2017 with the Sonic comic book rights going to IDW effective April 2018.
chuwieman's avatar
The bunny looks happy
Hexxus-Bitch9000's avatar
There was Cocaine, Weed and Meth in that cake wasn't there?
Reaper2545's avatar
You forgot LSD and herion
Ummulwara7Fantage's avatar
another pinkamena joke ):
rautamiekka's avatar
'Those cakes' ... Flutters was really hungry, evidently :P
MegaGundam7778's avatar
DankmanJesse's avatar
I'm pretty sure I looked up breaking bad not this shit
gregterry480's avatar
Well, at least they let her keep Angel...
GamiestGrumpDanny's avatar
Its cuz Angel is an asshole and is probably gonna end up there anyway XD
lunaalya's avatar
fluttshy lake toy chikah
Artistic-Scribbles's avatar
Pinkie Pie should also be in jail because she is the one who gave Fluttershy that recipe.  
GwDuncan's avatar
This is what Pinkie does to those that eat her sweets
Robotponytron's avatar
Chatterbeast's avatar
Holy crud, dude. Pinkie Pie, you JERK!
nostalgicalways's avatar
i see u fnaf cupcake
PineyCreek's avatar
The moment where you start to wonder if it would be less traumatizing to just tell them about pregnancy and birth...
ianolivia's avatar
Do I want to know how Fluttershy got her hands hooves on illegal drugs?
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