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A Bat of Class

And here is another artwork for the week! It's been too long since I have drawn best pony. :heart: And bat ponies! The bat ponies! (NOTE: I still haven't seen the Bat episode. :meow:) I apologize in advance for a strangely small image! My usual process invovles drawing the sketch on a small canvas, then enlarging it before I begin actually coloring and such. But this time I forgot to make the sketch bigger before proper inking, so the result is a small picture! :noes: Please excuse the mistake! :thanks:

Anyway, I drew this because it's been a little too long since I have drawn a work inspired by my dear friend :iconwhitediamondsltd: She's such an amazing artist and person and I adore her, lol. :iconreallylovehermaneplz: And plus I really didn't want to just do a plain Rarity drawing because that would be boring. I decided to give her actual red eyes, unlike my last RariBat drawing, where her eyes were blue. I think she looks cute with those pupils. ^-^

Anyway though, yes! It's a drawing of my favorite pony, inspired by my favorite pony artist. :heart::love:

I hope you all love this! I hope you love it too, Dia! :clap:

Stay tuned for more art! Same bat time, same bat channel! ;)

You're My Hero, At Least! by DanielSplatter Because Nothings Better by DanielSplatter Somepony Needs A Hug by DanielSplatter


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Art by :icondanielsplatter:
Inspiration@ :iconwhitediamondsltd:
MLP belongs to Hasbro 
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She looks incredibly beautiful. :blushes:
Since her eyes are red it means she's on her full on succubi flirty lust mode. I bet she's eyeing Spiky-wikey. 
Even though succubi tend to be demonic creatures I bet for Spike it must be downright heavenly. :giggle:
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Haha, thank you my friend! :love: I certainly wouldn't say no to Succubi Rarity myself lol! ;p
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Haha you really are far too kind and sweet dear, but I do love you for it! Thank you so much for doing this with me in mind and for your ever-lovely words; there is never enough Rarity art in the world as far as I am concerned and it makes me happy that you seem to agree. I have never drawn a bat-pony myself, but it's on my bucket list I suppose and I think you did a very nice job with her here. That winged diamond design also works better than I ever would have imagined, must say.

Once again thank you very much for the lovely gesture, you are a sweetness! :heart:
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Aww, well, you are for certain welcome! :heart: I am glad my words and gesture warmed your heart and you thought it was sweet; that was my desire after all! :love: I always enjoy making gifts for my friends and you for sure are among my friends! :heart:

And yes, I feel inclined to agree! We must flood the internets with Rarity until she becomes one with the internet, and we must then start calling the Internet, the Rarity. ;p I would love to see a bat pony picture myself from you! :heart: That sounds adorable. 

Speaking of bats and adorable, have you ever by chance seen real bats? They're super cute, at least some bats are when they are babies. :iconcrystalponiesplz: I don't know if you do as well, but I like to look at cute animal pictures when I'm down! As an example check this link out for cute baby bats!…

Come on, don't tell me they aren't cute, lol? :aww:
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Awww~! Truly, I must consider myself lucky to know you dear, thank you. :hug:

And I have indeed seen real bats before, though the ones I saw were tiny and as they seemed to be perfectly content staying away from me and eating all of the bugs in the area I didn't have a problem with them. Some bats are admittedly rather cute... flying foxes are pretty exceptional among bats and don't look much like any of their relatives, but more ordinary-type bats that also manage to be cute are Honduran white bats, if you've never seen one. They look like toys but they are real... that's an actual photo.

I want to pick one up and squeeze it... :iconrarityshakeplz:
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And I am lucky to know you! And consider you a friend! I hope you do consider me a friend too? :heart: I hope so!! So much haha!! :love: 

I am afraid I have never seen real bats in person (there are none where I live I believe). Flying foxes are very cute too, lol. Most fruit bats tend to be. 

I even think Ghost bats and Vampire bats are cute in an ugly sort of way, haha. :heart: Like pugs. <3 Or pigs, rofl. 

And oh my gosh, those things are tiny!! It's unreal! They look so....squeezable!! :iconrarityshakeplz: 

Even the ugliest bats are cuter I think than some animals. Like basically anything that lives in the ocean. I will be honest, the ocean scares the HELL out of me. Have you seen some of the freaky things that live in the ocean!? Creepy!

Like the Goblin shark.… How would you like to wake up to that in the morning? ;p 

Also the Blob Fish, while it's not scary, is just weird and kind of funny, haha. christopherjgervais.files.word… By the way, yes, that is real, and the Blobfish is real. XD 

But seriously, Goblin Sharks are scary. REALLY Scary. :o
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
You know, I'm from the coast and grew up swimming in the ocean, something I would never do now. Thankfully I never encountered anything worse than seaweed that tried to drown me but I have to agree with you that ocean animals are utterly terrifying.
Daniel-SG's avatar
Indeed, haha. I've never been swimming but I would never get anywhere near the ocean. Seriously, Goblin Sharks, Dia....eep. :noes: The ocean is one of those places that just terrifies me for some reason. I think it's because of how vulnerable you are in the water. We humans are land animals after all. It's why I guess as a child the idea of sea monsters scared the heck out of me. I was terrified of sea monsters as a kid. The idea of something giant living underwater is...unsettling. You know? And did I mention...Goblin Sharks! :noes: Best quote I can think of for those things..."Damn nature, you scary!".
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
I am still scared of sea monsters. Have you ever heard of a colossal squid? In fact, while not anywhere near as large or horrible the waters where I'm from (the south Orange County coast) have been plagued by Humboldt squid in recent years thanks to warming ocean temperatures. And one of the few known specimens of the megamouth shark was caught off of the coast of Dana Point, where I grew up. All of it is reason enough for me to be happy never venturing into the ocean again.
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Oh yes I have heard of the colossal squid before! The idea of such a creature sleeves me out honestly. :noes: And I have heard of the megamouth as well! Bizarre creatures. I don't find them particularly scary, just weird looking. Like the blobfish. :iconblobfishplz: I still can't believe blobfish are real animals by the way, haha. XD I must admit my silly fears also were spread to other mythical creatures. Those stuff of mythical monsters fascinated me when I was a child. I live in the Ozarks, where are there are many woodland areas. So naturally I've heard many legends of people who have claimed to seen Bigfoot. Those stories terrified me as a kid but yet I always loved reading them and listening to them. XD I remember I had a large illustration book as a kid full of legends and folklore monsters from many cultures. I learned about so many freaky monsters humans have imagined (maybe...) in our time on Earth. It still sticks with me very much lol. I remember as a kid the one legend I never ever forgot, and scared me the most (so naturally it was my favorite) was the Wendigo. Talk about a scary, SCARY monster. Even as an adult it's still a chilling creature. If I may ask have you ever heard the legend of Wendigos? They're from Native American folklore. :)
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As am I, lol! :love:
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Rarity Vampire is just such a lovely thought to have
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She's coming to steal your diamonds! :nuu:
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what a fabulous Raribat ^_^  <3  
Daniel-SG's avatar
Thank you very much my friend! :heart: Sorry for a bit of a late response! :hug: Hope you'll forgive it! :hug:
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Ah it's quite alright!! I haven't had much time to be around here as much as I  like.. Work is reaaally reaaaaly busy and I wish it would slow down :(
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bat, of, class. LOOOOOOOL :iconrainbowdashlolplz:
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She will suck your blood lol....but do it classily! :giggle: 
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Such a very lovely, and indeed, very classy, bat-pony. 
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Most agreed! And thank you ever so much! :heart:
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