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Hello!~ I'm yet another memeber of the Bronyhood, haha. I'm primarily a comic maker, but I dabble in digital paintings when the mood strikes me. :meow:

I do my upmost to maintain a weekly upload schedule of artwork, and I'm very active on here! If you like my art, feel free to stick around! :heart:

If you wish to contact me directly, shoot me a note and I will see it and do my best to respond! Notes are the most reliable way to get in contact with me. ;) Hope you stick around, and thank you! Stay awesome! <3

Also feel I should add, I am NOT dead. Nor is my account dead, I swear! I just am so exhausted from working a full time job, it's hard to find time to draw. :noes:

Buuuuuuut I have every intention of drawing again, eventually. :nod:

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Hey, um, so it's, uh, nearly Feburary, but happy New Year's?

Um, yeah! I still browse around and lurk on this site pretty often, even if I've done, gosh, fuckall and a shitload of nothin'. Really, my lack of any activity is laziness and lack of drive. But overall, pretty good year for me. I saw some good movies, loved Logan and It, Thor Ragnarok was pretty good.

Great games, loved Doki Doki Literature Club, Cuphead, Wolfenstein 2, Nier Automata, Persona 5 and Horzion Zero Dawn. 

This year will hopefully be off to a good start. The 20th, Shadow of the Colossus remake, yooooo. I'm at least 70 pounds heavier than beginning of 2017, for sure. Uuuuuum.

To be honest I feel pretty bad for neglecting my friends here and all you lovely people who have stuck around despite my vanishing act. I miss my friends here. Though my personality has changed after spending so much time around shitposters and ruckus causers. Namely that half of what I say is stupid nonsense, lol.

It's funny looking back how different my mindset was. Guess that happens as time passes. Interests fade and you emulate people you spend time around. I do miss the weekly routine I once had, all day drawing, uploading to here, seeing my stuff on Derpibooru and EqD. It almost seems nostalgic, kek. Even though I was a pretty miserable person a few years ago, desperate for validation and affection. Mostly because of how socially isolated I was. 

Stuff like Umaru-chan and Gabriel Dropout speaks to me a lot more, the whole idea of "two different personas". Umaru-chan more so. In public I am fairly quiet, reserved and shit, yet online and with friends I'm super foul mouthed, crude, edgy and I'm sure obnoxious. I like trying to make people laugh, and admittedly I use shocking humor as a crutch I feel. 

I guess I am thankful I have folks who like speaking to me online and in person I guess. Wait this was, what was this journal about? Random thoughts I guess, half asleep thoughts. ;p

Pointless self reflection I suppose? I guess my point now is, it's funny how much happier I feel about life and everything. Having money to know the big bills like electric and internet are paid helps a shitton. And money for junk food and games and toys because I am a disgusting, hedonistic, consumeristic person. Buying things is fun. :D

Anyyyyyway, thanks for reading this far if you have! Here's a You-chan gif as a reward. <3 

Also, I still think Alien Covenant was the worst film I've seen this year. Man, it's bad. 

And of course, The Emoji Movie, which is a cinematic achievement of unparalleled proportions. Think of the best film you've seen, compare it to the Emoji Movie then die. It's poop. All hail Emoji Movie. 

(That'sa joke didja laugh I'mma funny guy).

Regrettably, didn't see The Last Jedi. :(

Love you guys, thanks for reading my random text words. :heart:

Fuck Battlefront II. And Destiny 2. Also fuck Overwatch. I know a lotta folks like Overwatch and that's fine, it's not a bad game but, uh, fuck Overwatch. 

  • Listening to: Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: TV Tropes
  • Watching: I Hate Everything
  • Playing: Dark Souls II
  • Eating: Sandwhich
  • Drinking: Water


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Or non-alcoholic if you prefer that! Sweating a little...
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