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Martian Manhunter

My first and final versions of Martian Manhunter. Made in Photoshop CS2.
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the textured costume is a nice touch.
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I really like that design. If you allow it, I may use it in one of my pieces... just fanart, so it's not like I'm going to profit from it, hehehe
daniel-morpheus's avatar
Of course u can use! :)
Entropist2009's avatar
thanks for the green light.
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This is awesome I love it! Can u join my group here:

PS: You are boss at photoshop
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Am I the only one who finds him sexy?
Lightsthroughshadow's avatar
The Justice League character I identify with most :)
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Awesome design. It also avoids looking too stereotypical alien.
this design should be in injustice game
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Simply amazing. Really love all the detail.
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If they ever made a film, I would demand he look like this
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Seriously, try to get into costume designing for movies! You're great at it!
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You're very welcome!
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Martian Manhunter is my favorite superhero!
You did an amazing job!
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like Flash, i like too. one version or the other, that a really good work
I love when tights have that incorporated texture... feels more organic or alive if you ask me. If you look very very closely at Superman Returns' suit, you can see it is made of tiny microscopic S's. Haha. Interesting right? An easy way to see this is by seeing the cover of its videogame.
daniel-morpheus's avatar
Love that little tiny details in Superman Returns! :D
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