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Martian Manhunter

This is my version of Martian Manhunter for a possible JLA movie. I try to make his apparence something between human and alien (I think that in the comics he is a more human visual). The head with alien aspects, the big red eyes without pupil, the little nose and some line in his face to create take extraterrestrial stuf. The body show an non-human anatomy with a lot of salient bones. I think that in a movie he had to be like a giant... something like Boris Karloff's Frankenstein.
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This is simply stunning.
I'm willing to pay for some art similar to this, of the same character. Please e-mail me at
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really needs his own movie 
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I gotta agree, this is the best design of Jonn out there, comics, TV, the works. 
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Yeah, Jonn Jonzz really does have alot of human qualities in the comics and the tv show. This version has just enough alien traits to make him clearly not just a human with green face paint. I very much like this! With any luck, DC will see this and use it in their designs for Jonn when they finally get around to making his character a reality.
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Thanks very much! :)
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I would still tap that
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Man if they ever do a live action movie Martian should look just like this, suit and all!!!
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Thanks for the compliment!!! =D
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Your very welcome:)
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Wow this is so stunning, the best version of Martian Manhunter I have ever seen!
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Thanks for the compliment! :D
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Amazing work my friend!!
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