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November 21, 2011
Justice League Movie Poster by ~daniel-morpheus is an outstanding rendering of these comic book heroes!
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Justice League Movie Poster

And finally, my poster for a Justice League Movie. Made on Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom Tablet.

In the cast, we have:

Henry Cavill as Superman
Chrstian Bale as Batman
Bridget Regan as Wonder Woman
Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
Bradley Cooper as Flash
Justin Hartley as Aquaman (suit designer basead in Jim Lee sketch publish in JLA #1 (from the New 52).
Doug Jones as Jonn Jonn'z. (suit designer from myself LOL).

This poster is too a tribute to the cover of JLA Gallery (1997) made by Frank Quitely. :D
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Chocov123's avatar

Did you predic Henry Cavill as Superman? Kudos if you did, this is a nice piece my dude, good job.

Dude, Doug Jones as Martian Manhunter sounds awesome. I like Harry Lennix and the guy who plays him in Supergirl seems good, too.

Also, it's interesting you made this in 2011 and Henry Cavill wound up being cast as Superman in the DCEU.

I think I heard somewhere, and please, correct me if wrong, but Christian Bale has said he would love to do a fourth Batman film, but only as a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises and only if Christopher Nolan directs. I actually thought that Ben Affleck was a good casting choice for Batman and am bummed we won't get to his own solo movie at the moment.

That being said:


Constantine489's avatar

Cara, que arte fantástica! Será que teria a arte solo de cada um dos membros individualmente só que em HD? se tiver poderia me mandar por favor? Dou os devidos créditos ao postá-las em algum lugar.

PatrickP67's avatar

this looks awsome but i would recast green lantern

Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Doug Jones as the Martian Manhunter is BRILLIANT!
ImagineitRyan's avatar
for 7 years I've been wondering who the artist was behind this poster, and I FINALLY found you! LOL 
daniel-morpheus's avatar
LOL! Glad you liked and glad you find me! :D Thank u very much! :D
C-blaze21's avatar
I would've preferred to see this film made.
Though still with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  
UltimateRex786's avatar
No Ryan Reynolds though. No offense but he sucked as Green Lantern. Gal and Ben should still be Wonder Woman and Batman.
XenomorphProductions's avatar
Nah Christian is WAY better as Batman then Ben
One out of seven's not bad, and back when you first made this we all thought there would never be an actual Justice League movie.
daniel-morpheus's avatar
Yep! Back in 2011 this was just a dream! And now, in less than a month, we will be able to see this dream come true! Heart :D (Big Grin) 
Wonder if they will retry green lantern?
Kirbytails22's avatar
I could totally see Doug as J'onn, hope they do cast him if they haven't got someone already.
You should know that, rather than Superman (because he's the right actor in that picture), about the rest of the JL members (apart from Martian Manhunter because he's not yet to be confirmed to appear, nor will he), they're not the right people that will appear in the upcoming movie; on the other hand, Cyborg will appear.
JMoney667's avatar
would it be possible to update this already awesome poster? please and thanks
daniel-morpheus's avatar
Next week I will be posting a different version of this poster! Okay... not necessarily a version of this poster... by something that involves the Snyderverse. :)
JMoney667's avatar
awesome! thanks for the reply! hope it still retains the original 7 members of the JL! 
daniel-morpheus's avatar
You're welcome! :) Five of the seven will be in the future artwork! LOL
Fantastic work man ! I especialy love your version of J'onn. 
BoyintheBlueBox's avatar
When gods walk among men...unless one of them is Ryan Reynolds and his costume is animated.
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