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...well, almost.

Hello everybody,

while I was sitting and drinking with my best friend Tom3k ( a few nights ago, he pointed out to me that I haven't been posting new stuff on dA for almost a year now... and hellyeah was he right!
12 months flew by and I don't know where they are now.

Anyway, to make a very long story short:

I took my time off, from virtually everything, started working (and living) again and finished my 2. artbook a few weeks ago.

It was a roller-coaster and a very long and intensive journey but thanks to my wife and my friends everything came to a good end.

The book is scheduled for Feb./ March 2011 and will include new art on 48 pages.
The publisher is again SQP Inc. and the book will be sold and distributed worldwide by these fine guys.
For this project, I collaborated with the best colorist I have ever worked together with: José A. Cano who might already be known by some of you by the name of jocachi (
He painted my grey world with digital color on 30 images.
Besides these 30 stunners, I have also created new photo- realistic graphite drawings for the book as well as some new sketches, studies and commission works that were done in the last 14 months.

I have uploaded 4 colored images from the book as preview for you in my gallery here.
I hope you enjoy them, I truly do.

More info will be posted as soon as I have an exact release date for the book.  

In the meantime, take care and enjoy the falling leaves.



...and last but never least:
Thank you all for your notes, comments and favs throughout the last months. It is all very appreciated!
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NEXT GALLERY SHOW, 24. November – 24. December 2009

Hey guys,

I am happy to announce that 8 of my works will be shown at the gallery „Fördergesellschaft zeitgenössische Kunst“ in the city of Essen here in Germany from 24. November – 24. December 2009.
These will include 2 of my new works that I created especially for this show, „classic 01“ and „classic 02“.
Both can be previewed here on my dA page.
Thanks for all the comments and favs by the way!

The vernissage is on 24. November from 18:00h – 21:00h.

Whoever is around the corner (or willing to travel long distance flights ;-)) will be greeted with a nice glass of wine and, of course, some beautiful art.

See you there.


"the way out is through"
(t.reznor, 1999)
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Hello everybody!

I Just wanted to pass some news on what's been going on lately:

1. Most important thing: my new art book will be published by SQP Inc. next year.
Read the full story and catch some preview teaser pics on my website

2. I am currently featured in 2 magazines.
First one is the international no.1 magazine for fetish culture, the MARQUIS (issue #46).
Second one is Germanys biggest selling quarterly magazine for tatooed r'n'r chicks, which is TATTOO EROTICA (issue #9).
Read the full story on my website where you can also order the books online

3. For those of you who live somewhere near the city of Essen, NRW (Germany):
8 originals of mine are scheduled to be shown at a gallery in Essen next month (November).
I will post the exact date and place for the vernissage either here or on my website

That's it so far.
More art will be posted real soon.

As always, thanks a lot for all the nice comments, features and notes.
It's all very appreciated.


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I would like to say big thanks to all you guys for the overwhelming amount of comments on my new stuff that I've recently uploaded here on dA.

I have enjoyed reading every single message and note and it's all very appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Extra thanks go out to „CRcerberus" ( for posting my works in his monthly tribute.
That, somehow, kick- started this big, exploding wave of responses. It's been cool crazy, thanks man.

Hats off to all of you.
There's more art to come.

As a reminder:

If you live somewhere near Chicago and want to see some of my original works among other fantastic pieces of international artists, check out the second artist reception at Gallery Provocateur this Saturday (Aug. 8th, 8 pm -12 pm) / (…)
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Hey all,

I just wanted to pass you the news on what has been going on in the last weeks... or months.
Sadly, there hasn't been much drawing for me, but still a lot of good new stuff that needed to be taken care of. A lot of things to organize and some technical stuff to do. But read for yourself.
Here's the official text from my website on the "big 5" that I want to share with you:

News, 1. May 2009

1. GALLERY PROVOCATEUR, CHICAGO, 27. June – 30. September 2009

6 works of Daniel Kiessler will be on dislplay at the upcoming show at GALLERY PROVOCATEUR in Chicago, USA.
The show runs from 27. June to 30. September 2009.
Daniel Kiessler will be attending the vernissage in Chicago on 27. June.
The vernissage also includes the official book presentation of his new artbook „The Art of Daniel Kiessler“ where the artist will sign copies of the book.

For additional information about the show please visit the website of GALLERY PROVOCATEUR. (…)


Daniel Kiessler’s new artbook is out now!

You can buy signed copies, limited collectors editions and exclusive original art editions at our new online shop. (…)


We have now launched our new online shop.

There you will find a great selection of Daniel Kiessler’s limited editions of giclée fine art prints that are exclusively sold only on this website.
We also offer original artwork, books and magazines, posters and postcards, various collectors editions and other rare Kiessler stuff that is hard to find or sold out.

In the next weeks we will regulary update the shop with new material so be sure to check back often.


We also installed a new online gallery that includes some new selected works of Daniel Kiessler. (

We have also added additional information about measurements and mediums to each drawing.
Please note that a lot of original art is for sale. If you are interested in buying a rare original just send us an e-mail for pricing and availability.     


For those of you who are interested in high quality canvas prints and oversize prints of Daniel Kiessler’s art please visit his page on (…)

Great quality and worldwide shipping!


Thanks for reading!


Und hier noch schnell die "Hard Facts" fürs deutsche Publikum! :-)

1. 6 Arbeiten von mir werden vom 27. Juni - 30. September in der GALLERY PROVOCATEUR in Chicago, USA ausgestellt. (…)

2. Das Artbook "The Art of Daniel Kiessler" ist jetzt veröffentlicht!
Signierte Exemplare und Sammler- Editionen können auf bestellt werden (…)

3. Unser neuer Shop ist endlich online! Giclées, Originale, Prints, Poster und mehr gibt es hier (…)

4. Neue Online- Galerie wurde auf installiert! (   

5. Leinwand- Drucke und Oversize- Poster gibt es bei (…)

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A short info for those of you who are interested in posters and canvas- prints of my art.

Some selected works of mine can now be purchased at

These very nice guys produce very nice posters in various sizes for you to choose and also offer excellent canvas prints. Just received some copies today and have to say they look awesome!

So, if you feel like shopping check out my little shopping mall here:…

Have a good time.
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Hi there,

first of all I would like to say thanks a lot to all the visitors of my page here at dA.
It's been about 1000 clicks to this little place of mine and I am very happy to see and read that you ladies and gents really seem to enjoy my works.
Thanks also for all the nice comments, favs and notes you wrote. It's always appreciated!

So, concerning things that are ahead of us, or better, me:

Some of you might be wondering why there has been a little stop in uploading new images.
The reason for this is simple. I am currently working on new  material that will just take it's time to be presented here.
I've just been really busy since the end of last year. Trying new things, re- working stuff, thinking about new ways and concepts for my art and, which probably takes most my time, already working on my second artbook.
I am also setting up everything to present you an exclusive line of giclées and posters of my works right in time before the release of my FIRST artbook that will be published worldwide by SQP Inc. this March.

Just received 2 advance copies of the book this Monday and can only tell you that the printer did a fantastic job. The quality looks really great and I can't wait to see this baby finally being released. (btw: it's also very nicely featured in the January "Adult Previews" comics catalog. Be sure to check it out and, of course, order it. :-))

So, new drawings coming soon.

To the next 1000.

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