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Capcom Fighting Tribute artbook piece

Hi Guys! 
Here is my piece that was selected for the Capcom Fighting Tribute Artbook!
This was very fun!
I'm glad to be part of the book. 
There had been so many time since I had developed an illustration and this was a special encounter with art and memories. I would like to give thanks to Udon because they gave me the opportunity to make this real.


- Capcom Fighting Tribute will premiere with a limited-run convention edition hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con, July 9-12!…
- The standard edition of Capcom Fighting Tribute will be released September 2015. Links to pre-order the book at a variety of online retailers can be found…
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amazing! i have a really hard time fitting everyone into a picture like this!

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Excellent work! I could see the love and care that went into this. I applaud you on this. Although I'm bummed to see Cammy and Jon Talbain aren't in there. I love this, though!
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Hello there my new wallpaper 83

(that is, if you don't mind ^^; )
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Isnot surprising at all that this pic got into the book. I mean, come on! This is how you make a tribute picture!
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Thanks Dude! Thumbs Up 
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I'm glad you like it
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WOW!Wow! So many characters and detail!How long did it took you?
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Hi, Sorry for the late reply :doh:
It took me about three weeks.  
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That's a lotta weeks.....
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Yes, the tribute contest deserved the time spend on it Ahooooy Matey! 
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Awesome work man! Looks like you got every rep here! ^^
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Thank you very much :)!
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That is a lot of characters to sketch, draw, colour and well as render/shade.
It is amazing. So jealous.

Congrats on getting picked. Well deserved
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Thank you very much!!
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welcome and no problem 
you deserve it
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Very well done.  I like all the different interactions.  And battle of the spiky hair b/w Captain Commando and Asura.
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it
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There's no Asura in this picture. You probably mistook Asura for Valgas from Powerstone
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Completely forgot about him.  Thanks for clearing that up.  Still a good piece.
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In case you're wondering, the rules of the contest stated clearly that only fighting games (excluding crossovers) and arcade/beat 'em up games are allowed, making it impossible for games like DMC, Asura's Wrath, Breath of Fire, MM series and Ghosts 'n Goblins to join
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