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Darth Malgus

Finally finished this lovely sculpt :) After reading some Star Wars lore I just had to create this image.

This is beyond doubt my favourite creation!

Something like 12 hours in ZBrush and composition in Photoshop
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Breathtaking detail. Good work friend.
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Darth malgus is so cool 
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Amazing. Darth Malgus is my favorite character :).
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who do you think would win in a battle vader or malgus?
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Uhh.... That is a hard one, Vader and Malgus are so similar... Great dualists, great force users, vader gets the edge on tactical thinking, malgus uses brute force instead of planed fights like vader... I think that Vader is actually a better duelist than malgus, but malgus cybernetics improve his movements, vader on the other hand is indered by his cybernetics not on strength but on agility... 

Vader has defeated some very fast jedi... so I think Vader would win, but only by a very small edge. 

If for some reason malgus was to use force lightning successfully on vader chest control the fight would be over. but vader has time and time again shown that he can absorb force lightning...

Vader is my pick, by a very small edge indeed. 
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Really great. 
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Very nicely done!
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Insanely detailed and straight up badass.
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Thank you! I really enjoy this piece as well :)
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You did a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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wow, this is incredible. just a perfect portrayal of him
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Thank you! Glad you like it :)
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Excellent sculpture!
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