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Stock Rules

I have recently started taking stock images and will be posting them here for you to use, however I do have a few rules that you should follow.

. You do not need to ask me to use my stock.
. Credit me in the deviation description dani221
. Send me a link to your creation through either a note or a comment.
. If you stick to these rules, then you may use our stock in DeviantArt prints.
.  No off site use without permission from me first!
. If you use my stock outside of DeviantArt you still have to follow the rules for using my stock.
. You may not redistribute my stock in any way!
. just changing the colour/contrast/saturation of stock is not acceptable! Have some creativity people!!
. Commercial use will only be granted on a person to person basis. If you want to use our stock commercially, you must contact and receive permission from us first.
. Don't repost my images as your stock.
. no hate/ pronographic or racist images.
. Feel free to ask me about anything else regarding stock. I am happy to answer any questions.

thank you
© 2011 - 2022 dani221
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May I use this on I will give proper credits on image, and upload it here so you can see it c:
Shadow-Walker-22's avatar
Understood I will keep this a reminder.
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May I use one of your cove landscapes (or landscapes in general) on ? Credit must be on the graphics there, and mods are quite adament about crediting rules. You can see my work in my gallery, it would be much apreciated! 
dani221's avatar
Yes, that is perfectly fine, I trust you to credit me appropriately, please send me a link as well when you're done, I suppose you will be uploading it to DA too? :) 
Bellicus-Redtayl's avatar
most certainly thanks!
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Hi!  I've been asked to make a few book covers and several of your stock photographs might work for the author.  Would you consider letting me use them?  Not sure how credits work for books but when i'm allowed to post the photo on here for my account I would of course, give you full credit for the background.  (if you know another way don't hesitate to let me know as this will be only my 2nd cover i've made) :)  Thank you for the beautiful stock! :)
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Hey KerensaW,
I would be very happy for you to use some of my stock for your book cover, don't worry about the crediting on the book itself, as long as I am credited when you can post them here then I will be happy... :) 
You're very welcome and I look forward to seeing the final product :) 
Enjoy! :) 
KerensaW's avatar
Thank you so much :)  I love your work! :)  I will post on DA when I am allowed to and credit you. :)
dani221's avatar
Thank you, I look forward to seeing it! :) 
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I make speedpaintings. Can I post these off-site ( on my wordpress, to be precise) and credit you? 
dani221's avatar
Yes, that is okay :) 
Eyecelphil's avatar
dani221's avatar
You're welcome :) 
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i have a question:
you said "I" but since used "we" and "our". who's "we"?
dani221's avatar
Me and my shadow ^_^ 
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I just looked at four of your stock images, and I thought they were really good-- so good, in fact, that I decided they would fit perfectly in one of my collections. Tell me, is this alright with you? 
dani221's avatar
Yes, this is perfectly fine, thank you very much! :D
TheSkull31's avatar
You're welcome.
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may i use this to make pixel base? also may i use this to make da points if i did?
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Yes, that is okay, as long as I am credited :) 
tenchibaka's avatar
wonderful! and of course~ you did half the work by providing the source material you get credit<3
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