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DID Game v0.1.1.1 UPDATE

Update concerning the download mirrors: Since MegaUpload is offline now, I now host the files on MediaFire. Only the latest version, for now.

UPDATE: v0.1.1.1

Got rid of some bugs that sneaked in with the picture-in-picture function and worked out some more issues with the kind help of :iconseiferalmas:.

Changelog: [link]

Troubleshooting: [link]

Download Mirror: [link] (Mediafire, please only use this if the DA download doesn't work for whatever reason.)

Install instructions
Download the .rar-Archive and extract the folder DID-Game into whatever directory you'd like. In the extracted folder you'll find a readme file, the actual .jar file, the game's icon and the graphics folder. If you start the game from within the archive it won't work properly, so be sure to actually extract it!

Don't delete, rename or move the files out of the folder! Create a desktop shortcut of the DID-Game.jar-file if you want, but don't move around the actual files!

To play, open DID-Game_v0110.jar

You should also download the latest Java-version for the game to run properly: [link]

If you encounter bugs
Take a look at the readme. If the bug you've encountered isn't listed under "Known Issues" or "FaQ" write a comment on this deviation page, including what's your OS and a detailed description of the bug you encountered and what you did to make it happen, if you can recreate it or if it's just random.
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i have problem with file standing and other how to i fix it

how do i play the game

im still confused how to do it

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the window is too big, so the bottom of the game is "under the screen", which makes my visibility limited. plus I cant put it in fullscreen

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this game can be played in mac
Is this going to be worked on again?
SAWBurningShadow's avatar
I cant get java working from the link you provided.
mattjohn1992's avatar
i love your cartoon picture:D (Big Grin) 
how do i download the .rar archive?
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Somewhere around the top-right corner of this page there should be the standard DA-download button.
I can't find .exe file
Where is .exe file?
What is the dungeon you mentioned in the manual? 
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Something I didn't get to implement, sadly.
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it is pretty good, but I don't like that you con ONLY have 5 items
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Is this mac compatible ? 
Dani1202's avatar
Not yet I'm afraid. I'm trying to get it running on MacOS though. When I get the time to work on it, that is.
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uhhh never mind i think

brandon89simpson's avatar
uhhh wheres the .jar file o_o
Teen-Lyoko-Fan7777's avatar
I've got a problem; some of the files don't show, and I didn't delete anything!
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This version is discontinued, I'm working on a reboot with better graphics and hopefully more reliable function. Best try my Interactive Tayuya demo, if that works, then the next version of this game should work as well.
Teen-Lyoko-Fan7777's avatar
It didn't work either. It must be either my comp or the program.
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love this demo!!!!!!!!!! any plans in the final to have alternate outfits for her? maybe a hogtie?
Dani1202's avatar
I don't plan any additional outfits - unless you count the option of stripping her down to her underwear as an outfit choice. :P
Additional ties might be a possibility but I can't promise anything.
no clothes removal?
surely theres more than just tieing her up
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