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As 3rd place winner to my Bring Me to Life Contest, chriseastmids is awarded this spotlight feature to his written piece.

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Suffocation by takitus
why can't i breathe
Self Suffocation by Vessica Suffocation by Inficia
where's the air gone
and what burns my throat
Throat by ConArtist802 Head aches, Throat burns by sehack03
its like i'm drowning
:thumb123951935: 91. Drowning by far-eviler:thumb175189038:

i'm so alone
Alone in the dark II by vimark Alone by loLO-o Alone by Smegg07 Dark by Spinewinder
lost in this darkness
the need to escape
:thumb175891610: Escape The Darkness by pazazz Escape by Whippeh
is this my only way out

slowly i feel i'm falling
:thumb109873445: Slowly Falling Awake by PoLyAmOrOuSKaY
i'm hot, no i'm cold
hot n cold by utopic-man Hot And Cold by MikkoLagerstedt
where have you gone
why have you left me here
:thumb150463425: When you're gone by SsGirlo After You've Gone Away by augustrush008

i can't see you
i can't hear you
Unseen Shadows of Childhood 2 by karenys Future is Left Unseen by thefreewolf UnSeen by Philster22
are you there
unheard by cannotescape The Beast, Unseen by Kyngdok
watching me suffer

my body feels so heavy
:thumb48884462: The Heavy Heart Back View by Etrianya:thumb128809249:
where's this sudden weight come from
i want to sleep
No sleep by freakyhedgehog Sleep In Grass by youngmoons .sleep. by witchlady750
please let me sleep
Sleep on it. by Redhotchillipepper the need of sleep by shortpinay endless sleep by KunstRitter

i want the peace, please
Open Portal by Spookie-Pookie09 Peace by zero57 peace by edlin
the peace you denied me for so long
Dream by DusterAmaranth access denied by the1phil:thumb189674701:
let me be, let me rest
where are you are you watching me
Leave me by blackeagleonline why did you leave me ? by Slgado:thumb10842863:

let me drift into that dream
Like a Ten Minute Dream by P0RG dream by HooRiyA:thumb39311501:
dream away the hurt you've brought me
dream by MARIday +Withering Dream+ by moroka323 When I was a child my dream... by elbardo
i let you in my life
i love you.  ..however. by carvingbackbone Hurt by LucerasNight Why do you hurt me?
why do you like to cut my with the knife?
tell me I have no meaning for life?
How come you think I'm fat, no matter how skinny I get?
Why do you make me smoke the cigarette?
Why do you slit my wrist?
tell me I'm like a little kid lost in the mist?
Why do you make me break up with the perfect guy?
And make me end up with a jerk who makes me cry?
Why do you make me push everyone away?
Why do you never let me see the light of day?
Why do you force me to be alone?
why do you make me cut to the bone?
Why you you make me shot the drugs and take the pills?
Why do you make me miss out on all the trills?
Why you You like you see me cry?
Why do you want me to somehow die?
Why do you make me sit by myself everyday.
Why do you keep reminding me of how much I weigh?
Why do you make me shut everyone out?
Why is it me you don't give a fuck about?
Why do you side with everyone else but, me?
and why? why are you in the mirror I see?
read me
why did you hurt so much
Watch Me Hurt by LanneeSpehan Why Did You Have To Hurt Me by anniecheng09

my lungs are on fire
The smoke in my lungs by LouisDyer
where are you
the materials so tight
i cant open my eyes
Ninja Mask by Andlynne my eyes are closed by thesealovesthesky

everythings black
:thumb190314030: Alone In The Dark.. by MDesignN alone. by koniec-swiata
all the colour has left my world
alone in the dark by cyranno The Great Escape by rafiqm
there's no balance in this life
why should i want to survive

i don't just want to exist
behind closed eyes. by PeanutToTheButter I am not even exist without u by ashamandour:thumb103709329:read me
i want to be
i want to be
i so want to be me
:thumb194495731: Bites AND Pieces...Moments may mend all lesions
Yet no sum of it can reconstruct  
The ashes of a perfect picture.
Don't gawk into psyches with harsh watches.
Don't try to gaze through them.
See them*.
Whilst sensing all emotions at once
Somehow it feels like feeling nothing.
The absurd paradoxical nightmare
Is to be freely moving
yet not achieving ANY movement.
read me

and yet i'm drowning
Drowning by madelaines Drowning by apri
right here
I Feel Like I'm..... by xChemi:thumb96175653: Drowning by Pretty-Angel
in front of your eyes
and you've brought me peace
Drowning by Queen-Uriel +Drown Me in Ink+ by MeganAllen

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This is amazing! Thanks for the feature!
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Oh this is so very creative! :clap:
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Sorry I'm late in looking at the feature....It's fabulous!...
This is one of my favorite pieces from Chris as well :love:
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YAAY!!! for Chris!...:iconwheeeplz:
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Thank you for the feature. Good somber stuff all through here.
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Haunting words.....great composition.....
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:) Glad you enjoyed it.
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Truly breath takin.
Yet the words merge perfectly between the bites, and the pieces.. and the melancholic verses.

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:) so glad you enjoyed it
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Oh.... aint this lovely... :heart:

Thank you for the feature :aww:*
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:) thanks- glad u like it
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Thank you for the feature! very appreciated :hug:
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Thank you so much for this wonderful collection, loved them all
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thank you for the feature :blush: the writing is beautiful <3
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Beautiful. ♥

Thanks for the feature. ♥♥
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Thank you for the feature, appreciated ;)
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