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Why Do You Like to Read?
Why do you like to read?
He asked me that one day.
Because he didn't much like to read,
and he wished I'd rather play.
I didn't know the answer then
and couldn't quite explain
that I used those books,
my very best friends,
to escape my day to day.
I loved to step away from life and into Anne Shirley's world
where I could walk to school each day and catch Gilbert's handsome eye.
I loved to cross into the magic lands holding Lucy's hand
and sit to tea with a fawn and his flute, eating sweet mince pie.
Because if I was there with them I wasn't home anymore.
I didn't have to think about life or see my latest score.
A book was an escape I craved like sugar, an addiction, like nicotine.
Playing pretend just didn't cut it anymore. I wasn't intending to be mean.
But he didn't get it.
He looked at me, asking.
And I couldn't explain my side.
He saw the world in a way I envied.
He lived here-and-now inside.
To him, feeling the mud between his toes was better than pretend.
Discovering those pictur
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 3 7
The Color of Peppermint
What is the color of peppermint?
Like his breath in the morning after a shower,
an invisible must grazing, cooling your cheeks
Is it red and white stripes on a stick
where the red rubs off to color pink tongues a shade darker
the white is left feeling naked and thin
Perhaps white, then,
Fresh clean snow wafered in dark chocolate
-the kind that breaks softly between teeth like a lisp-
But then when melting, it drops translucent
pure essence of crisp exhilaration for the senses.
Clear, clean liquid of angels
Or is it green? Like the leaves of its mother
releasing the scent whenever someone comes too close
Blue- like the toothpaste carelessly left on the sink
or the gum that got stuck in your hair once
or the color of her eyes, cool, curious
What color is peppermint?
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 3 7
Kitten by Dani-the-Naiad Kitten :icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 8 4
Just Sit
It's hard to want
to keep trying
when I can't get my feet to tread
and each step slips back
through the mud
back to where I started from
so why not just sit
in the pit
will no one throw a rope?
It's hard to do those things
I used to love to do
But the food doesn't taste as good
and the music seems to play without passion
and the words don't flow
or won't
so why not just sit
in the pit
will no one throw a rope?
I once heard it said
that to lose oneself in ones work
is the highest form of passion
it's dedication at its finest
and brings the most fulfillment
But if I lose myself
What's left?
why not just sit?
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 1 4
Sky Like Your Eyes
what if the sky was only blue because someone painted it that way
and your eyes were inspiration for the artist
that explains it
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 2 6
Petals in the Wind
moments and memories are petals on that baby boy flower in my hand
shades of water and sea
wrapped up in each other tightly
seemingly inseparable
bleeding into each other
until they open,
     come apart,
           expose the most precious parts
a flash of sun and  l e t t i n g   g o
tiny damp papers
    b l o w   a w a y  in the wind,
                     blend in with the sky
                                  and they are gone
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 2 5
I Heart Spring by Dani-the-Naiad I Heart Spring :icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 3 0 Them Apples by Dani-the-Naiad Them Apples :icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 0 0 Burst by Dani-the-Naiad Burst :icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 5 0
I used to be angry at time.
I wanted to close it up in a box to keep it at bay.
Then I wanted to close it up in a box to throw it away.
But time cannot be kept.
Nothing good can stay.
And time cannot be lost
when you will it away.
Time flows like a sieve,
but those big things
take much longer to pass. 
And some,
without the choosing,
will last and last.
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 8 8
When Once Spring Fell in Love with Winter
I once knew a boy
with springtime eyes
and a smile that led up to sunshine.
He lived by a girl
who had wintery hair
and a gaze that could turn you to snow.
They met in the summer
next to the swings at the park
where the water shoots out of the ground.
And when the water flow slowed
and the autumn chill bit,
their songs blended concerto one to four.
Their two-toned chord held long enough for the storm clouds to break.
Then that girl, silly girl, with the wintery hair
met a boy who smelled just like summer
and she melted so hard and he froze up so fast,
that springtime had no time to shine.
The crestfallen boy with the springtime eyes
wilted. He almost lost his smile.
Til there came along a girl, oh, a wonderful girl,
with grace like autumn leaves falling.
Her touch, wonderful touch, caught the boy's sunshine smile
and made her sparkle like the first frost of fall.
Their stories cycled on in the years as they past, but the spring never forgot the winter.
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 6 4
Love me more by Dani-the-Naiad Love me more :icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 4 0
more then words
i love you
he said gluing the girl's head back onto her neck
and sweeping up broken pieces of plaster
scattered across the floor
i love you
he said brushing fingertips along shoulder blades
pausing at the lower back, pulling invisible strings
with his breathe lingering on her skin
i love you
he said memorizing the way she tilted her head when
brushing her teeth, numbering the freckles on her back
and considering the flavor of her favorite ice cream
i love you
said the little wildflower he left on the kitchen counter,
the gaudy ivory and emerald anniversary earrings,
and the halting poetry hanging in the hallway
i love you
he said using easy words undressed,
overflowing with realistic sentiment
and underwhelming simplicity
i love you
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 6 5
Blowing Kisses
I blow kisses at her back
She thanks me
without looking up.
She's overflowing with kisses
but all aimed away...
I circle around
Blow kisses and more kisses
that strike at the top of her head.
She looks up to hand me a folded heart and show me away
-her hand on my back-
to again aim the other way.
So I move on to another
and blow kisses in her face
She catches them, unseeing
looks at them with empty eyes
and finds some practical use,
cutting them into pieces
without a word
for some project I cannot understand.
She looks at me
but there is nothing to give back.
I remember staying up late with someone once
blowing kisses into each other,
absorbing light and throwing out more.
Smiles shared as we basked
in the inner glow we were consumed within.
it's not the same.
So I tried with him instead.
I blew him kisses that he took and then advanced
but he wasn't seeking that inner glow
only touch
and when he breaks away it's as if we never touched.
I blow him kisses,
he takes them
not knowing
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 1 3
Allegorical Feeling
indescribable, isn't it?
feverish, saturated emotions
overflowing from the inside, cannot conceal it
never wanted to try anyway
limitless sensations overwhelmingly
yearning to be touched...
i couldn't have said it better myself
licorice flavored and it sticks...
ostentatious, isn't it?
very, yes very
even if you try to hide it
desire is pouring from your eyes and emulated in your fingertips
your body is glowing with it
oh, and you're blushing
under the skin
may i?  it's mouthwatering
open your eyes and look, see
really see
every single you
:icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 4 5
Holes by Dani-the-Naiad Holes :icondani-the-naiad:Dani-the-Naiad 10 7
Here are some other pieces from my gallery going from most recently uploaded to less recent...

:D Like what you see? Please leave a comment and let me know! :please:


I am in love with this piece. The words used to describe this are incredibly genius, fresh and new, and they make the point so crystal ...

by Kaz-D

I love the atmosphere in this photograph. It has a special dark romantic quality to it that I think comes from the dark color combined ...


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I love this stuff! :love:
Also, I'd like this- -but it's not exactly something I can get through dA so I can't put it on my wishlist officially. :drool: But I still want it.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
DaniWeewee Stamp by Jenna-Rose
This is the place I first started to really write.
This is also the place I put the photos I took that inspired me.
Some of the poems here in this gallery have been revised for elsewhere, but I no longer post here.
I'm endeavoring to publish elsewhere.
Thank you to this amazing community for boosting me at a dark time in life, and inspiring me to reach harder for my dreams. I'll be forever indebted and grateful to you.
Maybe you'll see me around. :)
It's been a long time since I sat and put one of these together. I love doing it. So without further ado, enjoy the feature set to the lyrics of a song by Jewel.

Morning Song
(Listen to the song here  )

Let the phone ring, let's go back to sleep
Ring by adnrey -Sleep- by Marshu
Let the world spin outside out door, you're the only one that I wanna see
spin-- by thresca Peace by JollyPen I'll never let go. .. by Alicechan
Tell your boss you're sick, hurry, get back in I'm getting cold
<da:thumb id="117759034"/> Cold winter. by NaalifromFinland
Get over here and warm my hands up, boy, it's you they love to hold
Beckon by dragonicwolf Holding Hands by BKLH362<da:thumb id="85080179"/>
And stop thinking about what your sister said
Words by Nevaart words by koyamori Words. by PascalCampion
Stop worrying about it, the cat's already been fed
Don't Worry by Reluin don't worry by MalvaAlcea<da:thumb id="50206100"/> Satisfied by d-i-e-g-o
Come on darlin', let's go back to bed
Come to Bed by AvannaK Ulquiorra 2: Come back to bed by Asobou4Ulquiorra Comfy by DianaCretu
Put the phone machine on hold
Blitzwing's answering machine by transformer-wannabe Rivaille cracked the monitor on my cell phone by darkn2ght
Leave the dishes in the sink
Dishes by Eliminate Dirty dishes by Mandy5
Do not answer the door
The Door by Yasny-chan<da:thumb id="84736342"/>
It's you that I adore-
Adore by Tiyuh Adore by RetroChick27
I'm gonna give you some more
<da:thumb id="244723352"/> Adore by FugueState
We'll sit on the front porch, the sun can warm my feet
<da:thumb id="56022465"/> Warm Feet by AFKBrandy Adoration by kaotic-design
You can drink you coffee with sugar and cream
coffee by arTisTinDaMaKing Coffee with Cream by pumkin54 Cream and Sugar? by Vulpessentia
I'll drink my decaf herbal tea
Tea by Boboyui Tea by jakeiton Tea break by janisDA
Pretend we're perfect strangers and that we never met...
<da:thumb id="391934014"/> It's love at first sight by buta0309
My how you remind me of a man I used to sleep with
.F.L.I.R.T. by KoshiSekisen<da:thumb id="141024047"/>
that's a face I'd never forget
Myosotis : forget me not. by Tony-STORM face by chicho21net Face by rudla
You can be Henry Miler and I'll be Anais Nin
Star-crossed Lovers by Mangsney Pretendence by LINHhocas
Except this time it'll be even better,
true love by girl-in-velveteen A Kiss by avisnocturna
We'll stay together in the end
Stay Together by moni158 +Together+ by Sighel KakaIta Please, stay with me.. by Dakita
Come on darlin', let's go back to bed
Ready to sleep by Anitangel Hail and Jess Role-play: 3 by Jessica-Rae-3
Put the phone machine on hold
Phone by Oliver-Sherret Telephone by bexe
Leave the dishes in the sink
Dirty dishes by TLTaylor Dirty Dishes Study by Chappychan
do not answer the door
The Door by Hagamon Door Step by AhmadTurk
It's you that I adore-
shadow hearts by adoration Adoration by xx--ingie--xx Adoration by kawaiimon
I'm gonna give you some more
love by Linuska Give me back the breath... by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Let the phone ring
a phone... by Gazo
Let's go back to sleep
xx love by agnes-cecile

Hope you enjoyed. :)
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