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It's been a long time, and holy WOOOOSH, sometime during my absence from here I hit 10k hits! omg!

However, all things come to an end, as this gallery is.

You can find my work at: :iconlostveracity:  from now on.

Thanks for all of the love --
it's reciprocated x5 million.

<3 always,
Lulz, 99 hits 'til I real 8k.

Yes, still measely compared to lots of you. But it makes me happy, considering how erratically I update this thing!


Also :…

CONTEST. Just over three months left! ;)

1 month left of classes. Then I'm graduated. and Then you guys'll actually see work I feel like/is worth sharing. :)

I have rarely done anything for school that I'm remotely pleased with/able to scan. :P

PS -- Art contest IS STILL ON!

SEE BELOW. :heart:


Art contests really do seem to be all the rage right now, but I really can't resist throwing my hat into the ring as well! I have been debating over ideas for what exactly this contest should even BE about, had soem wild ideas, but then decided I'd keep it simple.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw my main "furry" character and alter-ego, Dani-kitty,  in another time/place/culture/universe.  It can be as simple as a costumed pin-up, or as complicated as a full scene. She's leaving the scarf and the stompy boots at home for this one!

Adherance to theme and attention to detail is a MUST for this contest, and is more important than technical "skill". I want to see that entrants have done a little research and gotten reference for their pieces to make them historically viable. This isn't to say you shouldn't have fun -- on the contrary! Use this as an opportunity to experiment stylistically and do something you might not normally! (Anachronisms are permitted and welcomed-- ESPECIALLY if you're going for alternate histories /places i.e. steampunk / Bas Luhrman's Romeo+Juliet or Moulin Rouge)

Also-- feel free to genderbend a bit! She's as comfortable in men's garb as she is in frilly dresses!

Dani reference guide:…

Things to avoid:

Most Anime / Videogames -- I have nothing against them, but I don't keep up with EITHER anymore.  If the anime isn't on Cartoon network, I probably haven't watched it.  As for videogames, anything beyond Sega Genesis or Pokemon is beyond me.

LotR / Generic Fantasy -- As much as I swoon over "bishie elf boys" -- this isn't what I'm looking for!

Star Trek / Strict Sci-fi -- I'm a Star Wars girl, yo.


All entrants will recieve a free digital sketch.

(used) Wacom 4x5 Graphire Tablet
Full-color 1 character commission w/ full background
Full-color 2 character commission, no background

(used) Wacom 4x5 Tablet (if 1st place does not want it)
Full-Color 1 character commission, no background]
2 full-color conbadges or pr0nbadges

(used) Wacom 4x5 Tablet (if 1st or 2nd place does not want it)
1 full-color conbadge or pr0nbadge
2 LJ icons

All runners-up recieve:
$5 off a conbadge
1 free print

ENTRIES ARE DUE JULY 31ST 2006!!! Please email your entry to me at:, comment in my LJ  or my DA or FA journal with a link to the picture.
Well. One day less than one month until the Relaunch of Third City.

The forum is up! The website is almost done! go to find the forum, discuss, and to tell me how much I suck. ;)

Please note that I will be finishing all outstanding commissions/mailing during my Winter Break between semesters, which starts on December 20th. I can only offer my most sincere apologies for the delays for some people in finishing/mailing!  I'm in my senior year of college, and have never had to work so hard in my life.  Insaneo deadlines have made standing at the post office for over an hour out of the question -- and I don't feel comfortable mailing things out during the biggest mail rush of the year.

Again, I'm really sorry!

Kiriban No one hit 6226 or claimed it. Oh wells!  I'm thinking the next number is going to be really silly. Does 13131. Sound good?
Furfright was an absolute blast -- it was awesome to meet new people, get to finally talk to some awesome artists from teh intarweb (Yay! :iconbeerhorse::iconwingedsiamese::iconcybre:! among others) hang out with friends I never see (I'm looking at you, :iconmitsu: and everyone from LI!) and of course get to hang out with two of my best friends. Life is good. :)

It was also, with one or two exceptions, the least creepy furry con' I've ever been to. ;)

New Art will be posted soon, I've got a few one-page comics in the works as part of assignments, as well as a general autumn piece, and a couple winterypieces, and x-mas pin-ups in the works! Where the eff did this year go?

I am building up pages for Third City, btw.  I am thinking that the relaunch of the comic will happen at the beginning of 2006 -- on January 1st-- just to bring in some good mojo.  So new webpage, new pages. RAWK.

And finally -- my Kiriban is just a few hits away!  6226 means a free inked drawing for YOU. :)
:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

So, who's going?

Fnags, Aura, Rob, iChee (:iconipaloosaart:) and I will be arriving up at the Sheraton on Friday Afternoon. and I will be setting up my dealer's table for Saturday morning.

Feel free to hunt me down for a sketchtrade or something, if I don't look too busy or stressed out!

I will be offering the usual -- Conbadges, sketches & prints (including the limited edition Halloweenykitty) taking orders for a few full commissions, and hopefully debuting a new mini-mini-comic featuring Klim and :iconashta:'s Azo!  Please note that I will only be accepting these at the con, and badge-and-regular commissions are now otherwise closed for now. :pumpkin:

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:
GO VISIT :iconimawakenow: -- because Paul rocks, and is a dear friend and I say so. Lavish him in comments and Luff. k?

And thank you guys for helping get that offending comment off of my front page. LURVE!

Commissions are still open!  And, I am overwhelmed that all but one of my AC artshow pieces that never were  have been sold! :blush:!


I'd also like to thank :iconbeeejay: again for her kindness in giving me that month subscription. You're awesome, hun.  I need to do up some sort of artness for her still! (And lemme tellya, I miss that thing already!)

Also 6226 Is my next Kiriban.  Show me proof of that pagehit and I will do a free ink-drawing for you! The way things are going, I will have reached that around the same time I hit 3113 last year. Maybe not overwhelming as far as hits go (I know folks that have gotten 10k ina  few months!) but I'm honored that anyone has looked at all!

Also also -- wanna read more about me? GO TO MAH LJ.

ALSO ALSO ALSO -- In light of the events of Hurricane Katrina, I am offering $5 brushpen sketches. ALL of the proceeds will be going to charity. Please check out my full entry here:…

Furbid Auctions + Katrina Aid

Fri Sep 2, 2005, 10:39 AM

In light of the events of Hurricane Katrina, I am offering $5 brushpen sketches. ALL of the proceeds will be going to charity. Please check out my full entry here:…

Up for grabs is a pin-up of my name-sake character Dani-kitty, and another of my vixen character, Milisan. Both have low starting prices! (Images are NSFW!)

I am a bit apprehensive about getting rid of these, but I need to pay for art supplies and school books!



Thanks for taking a look!

PS -- I am also open for commissions for a short time! E-mail me at for more info!

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  • Reading: Alta -- Mercedes Lackey
  • Watching: Kiki's Delivery Service


Wed Aug 17, 2005, 8:29 AM

...The bad part of being able to see who has visited your page lately -- is seeing names pop up that you would rather ignore totally.

Oh well, c'sest la vie! (Or however you spell that.)

:iconblack-jack: was majorly awesome and bought me a month's subscription. I will commence with the metric buttload of scribbles soon for her.

I also owe :iconashta: a butt-ton of art and and sunshine too.  Though -- I DO demand you go and check her work out if you haven't already. Her work is adorable and whimsical and she deserves A LOT more attention for it.

I'm pretty set on trades. Xazy and Nateblue owe me descriptions.

ALSO: if you want to read my ramblings on a more consistent level. I update my LJ far more than I update this nonsense. And I love getting new friends.

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:iconhollyann:  came the closest, it seems. And, since no one else has come forward to claim the icon, I'll be doing one up for her! (Because, c'mon, purple and yellow vixens with pink hair = AWESOME. And I've wanted to draw the character for a while anyway!)


(Please note me what emotion/ type of icon you'd like!)

Remember guys -- by BIG Kiriban will be at 6226 (Why? because my first was at 3113!) and will be a single character portrait, inked and computer coloured.

ALSO -- I'm open for an Art Trade or two. (:iconartasylum: - I haven't forgotten about ours! I need to get a passable desc and reference of Tsarma together for you!) -- Please NOTE me if you'd like to do one, and if there's more than one or two requests, I'm going to just stick the names in a hat and choose so there's no hard feelings (not that I anticipate many :P ).  Sound fair?
I'm not going to be doing a large pagehit "contest" until 6226.


Since I'm almost at 5k hits anyway (which is like..WOW. Thanks guys! :heart:)  I've decided that whoever gets that hit, and can show me some proof, will recieve a small image from me, suitable for an LJ icon or a forum avatar.

It's not much, but I want to show my appreciation somehow. :hugs:
Hey guys!

Less than a day left on my current Furbid auctions. This time featuring "Skull-lolli Kitty" and "Rat and the Catboy" -- both viewable here in my dA gallery.

Both have low starting bids, as I am trying to recoup costs from the disaster that was AC, as well as trying to scrape together funds for books and art supplies for the Fall Semester.

Please take a look --- every little bit helps! :heart:


Please note that  my next auctions will be up within the week, and will be featuring my more adult-oriented pin-ups, as well as a character commission auction!
In case you haven't already heard...

I lose. (At Anthrocon.)

To make a long story short, I fell extremely ill on Thursday night, not too long after we arrived in Philly. I spent all of Friday in bed, in extreme pain, and only partially concious. Mom came and picked me up, and we left the Wyndham early on Saturday afternoon. I forfeited my Dealer's Table and my Art Show space. Planning that started back in December got completely squashed.

Thank you, all of you, who sent me your well wishes and prayers. I love you guys.

So, this time next week, we'll be packing the car full of cookies, pin-ups, pinatas and people and start heading down to PHILADELPHIA.  :excited:

I can't tell you how excited I am this year. (Last year I was more nervous than anything!) Sooo many friends are going to be there, and soo many people I can't wait to meet.(and :iconfoxofthenight: I PROMISE not to get anymore hotelroom piercings this year, k? XD)

Please, if you're going, come seek me out sometime during the weekend.  I'll be stuck behind table 72b in the Dealer's room, besides :iconnevarraven: (who ROCKS!) and a person who amkes some very lovely masks.  Look for the pink tablecloth, and the fat girl in a scarf. ;)

As for afterhours, I'm not sure WHAT my plans are yet, aside from one planned dinner, and a couple sketchbook parties -- one of them being the ARTVARK PARTYORAMA.

Please let me know if there is any of my artwork in here that you would especially like to see prints of.  I am still not 100% sure that I will have prints, but having a vague idea would be helpful.  

As of now, I will be selling the following for certain (I hope it isn't too presumptuous to post my prices in here? PLEASE smite me if this is in bad taste. ^^; ):

:kitty: paper cranes $.10 each
:kitty: homemade cookies: $2.00

(on cardstock or in sketchbooks)
:kitty:Sketches:  $7  each
:kitty:Inks:         $15 each

:kitty: Color Commissions: starting at $40 (Please note that I will ONLY be doing the intial sketches at AC, and will be taking all coloured commissions home to ink and finish, due to the amount of time they generally take. )

:kitty:Conbadges:  $17 each (comes with badgeholder)
:kitty:Custom Bookmarks $15 each
:kitty: Prints (I should have 'em by then)
$5 - $8 each.

Hope to see you all there! :D
The plan now is to finish my queue and haul ass on finishing all of those artshow pieces.  Commissions are officially closed until AC -- I will be taking orders for commissions, as well as doing sketchbooks and badges there.

Badges will be $17 at the con, which includes a holder with a lanyard. :)

PS -- -- A small folio site, still in progress, for my furry stuff.  It'll be kept completely seperate from when and if I ever get that up and going.

Just a few days left on my conbadge auctions!…
(Jedi/Sith badges!)…
(Hogwarts House badges!)

For examples, peer through the gallery.

I am not taking anymore trades at this time -- I have commissions to finish, and I gotta get stuff done for the AC art show!
Like the Sandbaggers' badges I just uploaded? Want to dress your character up for a ride on the Hogwarts express or a detention with Snape?

Well, then, OMG Go bid!…

Or, contact me through here. Badges are $12 + $2.50 Shipping, or you can just pick it up from my table at Anthrocon.

I'm also planning a Star Wars variation, if this one goes well. ;)…

Please answer teh poll.
....Dude. One week of paid time from DA? I'm in lurve already. Man, why can't I have rich/devoted fanboys/slaves/brainwashed fools  who purchase things like this for me? ;D