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So, I still post here once in a blue moon, but really only stuff I feel like showing and even then...I may not even remember D/A exists.  I apologize for that and certainly appreciate those of you who still come to my DA page, but like a lot of artists, I tend to stick to wherever I can post quick and move on.

Also, if you read this far, ***I DO NOT ANSWER NOTES***

***If you need to contact me, do so via dan (at) danhowardart (dot) com****  or any of the links below

You can see my work elsewhere on the internets:

CLICK for Tumblr Blog : illustrations and sketches

CLICK for Instagram   : lots and lots of sketches and work in progress shots

CLICK for Facebook  :facebook
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lstjules Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, you're definitely not alone with Deviantart. I used to post here all the time years ago, but the feel of it has changed a lot and I forget about it often. 
fan4battle Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018
Yeah, deviantArt is kind of slow and tedious to use. I mostly hang in Instagram too.
DanHowardArt Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
for the most part, DA has been a good community, but it just feels quicker to post elsewhere and go about life
fan4battle Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
InkyTophat Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Student General Artist
Good to see you back! I'll start following your instagram for daily dan goodness.  :) 
DanHowardArt Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
:) it'll pick back up when freelancing subsides. 
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