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Welcome To Your Death

The good people at :iconudoncrew: were gracious enough to invite me to scribble something down for their Street Fighter Tribute book that will be debuting at SanDiego Comicon.

You can purchase the book here: [link]

I will have a very limited number of prints of this at Otakon and AWA if you can find me there. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Done in Photoshop.

all characters are © Capcom
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FerrisWheelShipper16's avatar
"Welcome to die"? *bricked*
Cylor's avatar
You ought to update this post and mention the pic's inclusion in the new online version of SF3. ;)
DanHowardArt's avatar
i should, but just no time for d/a these days.
gts's avatar
Somewhat jelly.

But awesome dude!
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
Watch out,Ibs!! Dodge the ice and fire fusion!!
Pardious's avatar
I always thought Gill was a boring-bland character. If this is the best Capcom could do in designing a final stage boss, I am not impressed. But this is a very good picture, Ibuki is a good character. Very good piece, your action portrait rocks.
AiZhaoDao's avatar
Oh man, now I really wish I could've gone to Otakon this year! This reminds me too much of the countless rounds Ibuki and I got our butts whooped by Mr. Icy Hot and his frickin' RESURRECTION!
DanHowardArt's avatar
otakon 2 years ago, mate.
AiZhaoDao's avatar
Oh, I didn't look at the date, haha! Well, if you're ever selling anything else at Otakon I'll be sure to drop by.
DanHowardArt's avatar
i dunno. i've moved out west and otakon may be out of the picture at this point. we'll see.
AiZhaoDao's avatar
Aw, ok. I'll keep a look out.
captkiro's avatar
we need more urien art!
tasiorts's avatar
Awesome scene!
Cecil-Sayataki's avatar
How did I miss this amazing piece of work?
Awesome job on the poses.
This is awesome
Acaciathorn's avatar
Fabulous arrangement! :dance:
brotherpanda's avatar
Only thing I can find wrong about this is that the shadowy section at the bridge of Ibuki's nose on her right eye makes the left eye look slightly too far forward, even though her left is the trailing edge. It just feels weird looking at that section. Other then that, it has good lighting and stuff.
sebc's avatar
That's some awesome shit! Really cool characters and poses
this picture is just fucking good
Carigwen's avatar
Speaking of Capcom, you should totally do some Ace Attorney, since it (along with school, lolita fashion and Hetalia) ate up my life.
DanHowardArt's avatar
you're alive!

I'd be mobbed by a few friends if i did AA art, hehe.
Carigwen's avatar

Yes, I'm alive. And at FIT. Ace Attorney takes up something like 75% of my free time here, one way or another. I'm such a fangirl.
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