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quick SpiderGwen done for Sketch Dailies on twitter. 

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Excellent work
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very nice. I really wish they would do more with Spider Gwen its a very good and refreshing concept.
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Very Nice, love it ! 
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Wow this is awesome <3
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Now that's a win!!! Brilliant job. Clap 
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No prob! You know, I'm gonna sound absolutely crackers for saying this, but I'm actually hoping she'll be the "Spider-Man" in the mcu(& played by Emma Stone to boot:D):)
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I also want her in the MCU as well.  Now while I'm certain she won't be the "spider-man" but still that won't be a bad thing.

A few things I want for Gwen/Spider-Gwen in MCU:

Played by Emma Stone (but if she can't due to contract red tape reasons (like being in Sony's Amazing Spider-man movies kills her chances to play Gwen again due to how the contracts were made) then a actress who I hope can match Emma talent yet bring her own special awesome Gwen version to life).  However since the makers said it's going to be mostly inspired by the Ultimate comics version for the Spider-Man movies and will be set during Peter's High School days a new talented young actress might be necessary (Emma can play College but might be a stretch for the high school setting now but still currently possible).

Different universes means different Gwens with either similar or very different mindsets, emotions, and talents, and interests so being Gwen yet different from the Amazing movies portrayal isn't a bad thing but still has to be very likable, interesting, and well acted, and have a deep link/bond to Peter (even if she isn't the love interest a connection and relationship even if not romantic must be there).

Gwen starts in the Spider-Man movies (or even before the movies begins starts with a appearance in one of Marvel's shows letting viewers to get to know and pre-establishing her character and mindset and talents (plus make changes in time for the movies based on viewers reactions) saving time in the Spider movies).  Then after gaining her powers either gets her own movie or her own show (on TV or Netflix like Daredevil with another tie-in and setup beforehand both from the Spider-Movies and possible Agents of SHIELD establishing who she is as a hero and her powers and the world and tone of that world she will live and battle in.  Last words before the credits of the tie-in episode: "Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman will return in Spider-Gwen").

I was brainstorming after reading some forum threads such as "Who should be Peter's love interest?" (it's amazing how many female characters was made or was a love interest for Peter), a LGBT Marvel topic, and other topics and came up with some ideas and hopes for the characters including Gwen for the upcoming Spider movies and hopes that Spider-Man Peter Parker, Miles, Spider-Gwen, and Silk all somehow show up in the MCU at some point.

Gwen: Tomboy punk or punk goth (since based on the Ultimate version and Spider-Gwen composite idea) with her bond to Peter being a Platonic love and possible Affinity love, Unconditional love, Sibling warmth, confidants, strong emotional bonds, best friends and at best Romantic friendship, Bromance between the two, blood sister, and love rival.   Despite the punk and/or Goth looks Gwen retains her sweet, kind, fun, energetic (when with Peter or MJ who makes her happy the most), and protector personality with some sassy and forwardness.
Her outfits usually has either green (based on 60's Gwen icon outfit when she died), white, blue, red, or black (the rest based on Spider-Gwen colors) in it.

Due to that in every universe can have the characters act or have a different relationship in a twist to Gwen's normal role as love interest and first true romantic love for Peter have Gwen of the MCU have strong protectorate best friend and sibling feelings for Peter.  Thus still technically a first true love for Peter but in the platonic best friends and spiritual siblings ways but not romantic.  In a further twist Gwen has romantic feelings for MJ making her not a romantic love interest but a romantic love rivalry with Peter for MJ whom she has a attraction to but not enough to hurt Peter and Gwen's bond to which both highly value beyond everything else).  
Gwen has a establishing character shot protecting and beating the snot out of two bullies who was beating up Parker then checks on Peter and jokes around with him.

(possible 2nd movie) "Killed" by absorption from Venom Symbiote (after saving Peter at the great risk to her own well being helping Peter remove the Symbiote trying to consume him only for the creature purely out of survival basic instincts when it is removed bond and absorb Gwen as MJ arrives to watch it all happen).  Peter enraged and mortified beats down and burns the alien into lifeless goop that washes into the sewers.  Both Peter and MJ takes her death very hard and support each other in their mourning.  However... (after credits scene) that "dead goop" isn't really dead and on the shore the liquid Symbiote starts to crawl out and with each movement on land a female humanoid body starts to form.  Gwen shocks everybody with her sudden appearance in Peter's room frightened, confused, and suffering near death trauma and memory loss between the time she was attacked by the Symbiote to the time she arrived into Peter's room.  While confused herself MJ is joyful to see Gwen and counts her appearance as a miracle.  Peter while happy is more scientific and skeptical in need of answers and send blood work to Dr. Banner and Dr. Connors while watching over Gwen himself as she stays with him and Aunt May.  Gwen admits to feeling strange and having hallucinations and has voices in her head and that has her very uncomfortable.  When Peter heads out to get the results from the two doctors MJ watches over Gwen.  After a moment when Gwen's fear and anger reaches it's peak Gwen starts to transform before MJ's eyes and their horror into a She-Vemon creature.  Peter discovers that Gwen has come back no longer fully human but that she was fused and one with the Symbiote for life with the parasite (Making Gwen a human/Symbiote hybrid and inspired by what happen to her in the Ultimate universe as Carnage but this time Venom due to Venom's color palette is more akin to Spider-Gwen costume palette).

Peter as Spider-man tries to calm Gwen/Venom down protecting her while keeping NYC safe as well but Gwen's fear and craze driven by the alien parasite and the beastly alien instincts and internal conflict prove to much lashing out.  Spider-man with Shield's and the NYPD assistance is forced to take Gwen down before she can harm others or even to herself (and Peter hates every minute of the attack).  Frightened, confused, conflicted, and worried of being a monster Gwen is captured and voluntary wants to be contained in a SHIELD specially made prison after damaging a portion of NYC as a beastly She-Vemon creature and hurting her friends.  Disgraced and guilty feeling and viewed by all (including herself but not by Peter and MJ) as a monster the talks of termination come into play.
When Peter is endangered from the latest great threat Gwen (with the help from Dr. Strange) enters into her own mind and spirit and at first battles the Symbiote that is apart of her wanting to subdue and destroy in from the inside but later discovers the Symbiote original nature and origin.  That Symbiote creature was banished and imprisoned to the meteor it was found on from it's homeworld by other Symbiotes of its species as it wanted to work with the hosts/prey in mutual benefits and partnership and not kill and as a consequence was labeled insane by its race.  It's was very benign before it's corruption due to negative and evil humans.  Gwen manages and teaches positive emotions and love beyond itself to the Symbiote allowing it to balance the corruption that befell it and comes to a understanding and works things out with the Symbiote instead spirituality killing it Gwen purifies it.  Gwen becomes the parasite's voice of good, a friend and teacher of positive human emotions and feelings of empathy and relationships and love other than ones of infatuation, love of power, and jealousy, and forms a partnership with the Symbiote allowing her control transforming from Venom into Spider-Woman (form of Gwen's choice and new life as a superhero).

She breaks out of Shield to join Peter just in time to defeat the latest evil together.  Gwen is forced to run away and hide when SHIELD is closing in to catch her due to her dangerous liquid alien parasite DNA bondage hybridization and the Venom past making her a target and seen as a supervillain by government, law, news, and SHIELD officials and a high threat.  Gwen says her goodbyes to Peter and MJ but they have her promise to pop up once in a while and try to send a message so they will know Gwen is safe.  Spider-Gwen: "Peter and MJ, keep each other safe and don't you ever hurt the other.  Unless you want me to come back and beat the snot out of you!  I love you both."

Depending on the situation at the time Coulson finds her before Shield.  He and some of his personal team members assist in erasing her past and gives her money, tools, special medical shots and a energy machine to sustain the parasite portion of her that needs to feed on life forms, and tactics to help her in keeping two steps ahead of her attempted capturers and to have a new life.  Gwen repays him with assistance with a mission gone wrong and confirms to his team who was frightened of her that she is a hero not a villain despite bad press.

Gwen keeps on the move while doing off the books jobs to pay for food and shelter.  Finding herself heading back to New York Gwen stops in New Jersey and buys a sandwich from a place called the Circle Q.  While there a group of powerful villains attack but she and Ms Marvel (based on her successes in the comics and fan love including from myself it would be shocking if Kamala didn't have anything in the MCU around such time period) team up and put a stop to them.  Releasing that while the world was full of superheros evil still ran rampart and the locking herself away and hiding while lives were being ruined was a big selfish folly.  "And If I walk away-- and someone else gets hurt----How do I live with myself then?"

Settling in a city to find that it was full of corruption and rich and powerful hidden crime loads that use the city as a battlefield and illegal experimentations Gwen self appoints herself the city's hidden superhero Spider-Woman.  Along the way she gains her own set of rouges gallery and dangers/conflicts in the personal life and superhero life.  Plus keeping her more beastly She-Venom evil side at bay and caring for her Symbiote link that was very much like a naive baby (as it acted that way to her annoyance).
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...WOW... You really DID think this through:D I wish I put as much thought into my ideas as you:-
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Very cool! So when you say 'quick', how long did it take ya? And do you have tutorial videos?
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one day, one sitting.  there's probably still some old tutorials here on my account, but VERY old.   I don't have anything current, sadly.  
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Very impressive. I'll have to check them out! If you ever have new ones, I'd be interested in them! Thanks Dan!
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very nice :D got her pose and all spot on
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