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An old pic that was resurrected , retooled and completed. Process shots to come later.

Red Sonja is © her owner

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© 2011 - 2021 DanHowardArt
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I greatly appreciate red sonja 
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what happened to his bra? D8
NICK-XMG's avatar
this is so good
Hentai-Ryukami's avatar
Sonja vs
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Fantastic work! Very intense :)
hotsinfulbody's avatar
great work. I loved it.
too much hair, and the hair over her chest area is to thin, looks more like a scarf.. sincerly a red sonja _fan_
belly need muscles, but i like everything else, colors rocks
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Sonja facing herself in the harpy ... you resurrected a soulscape, very telling and redeeming, the stereotype comic transcended.
beautyimmortal's avatar
It is a good job, beautiful colors and paint, the shadowing is perfect and proportionate, but at first glance, Sonja looks like she has a bit of a 'pooch' or belly fat.. O.o
Spectacular detail
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Really great!!
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It's amazing how you add weight and belieavability to the muscles and skin of your characters.
love the values...great pic
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Scary awesome.
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I must say that her legs look extra nicely painted
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Very impressive work. I like the way you made the harpy look :)

The harpy really looks fierce and threatening. I like the way you added feathers scattering around her :D
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