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Shou'ou Ken

This was done a few months ago.

Sakura from Street Fighter sorta in the SFIV look.

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An excellent tribute. Everything about this picture rocks. The pose, the coloring, the motion, the expression... your art is generally amazing, but this one actually stands out among it. :)
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Love the black ink, sfIV style.
Very nice, Sakura is one of my Favorite characters.
Outstanding perspective
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xD those were great
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One of my favorite characters captured perfectly.
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WOW! You really captured her perfectly! And the art is the same style as the official Capcom art. Hats off to you! Really excellent work! I only wish I could draw like this! You put my own work to shame! XD keep it up!
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i wish i had done the ink treatment as well as they did :D it's a great game.
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I honestly think that your work is spot on! And I have a keen eye for these things. My father was a cop/detective, and taught me everything he knows, I see where you could have improved, but honestly, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I could ever do!
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She knock the black out of that ceiling.
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Hey there,
Your work artwrok has been featured in the latest volume of Stunning Digital Painting, which may be found here : [link] Would be glad to see you comment or maybe a little :+favlove: for the article ! Again congratz, great work ! :)
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i love this image but it seems to be missing something, maybe if u put detail in her left sneaker and her left glove (u know, darker outline, brighter colors, detail, etc) but thats just me, still awesome, cant wait to get the game
I love her expression and the angle.
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Kick ass! This rocks so hard I want to punch my ceiling. You've got them skillz!
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Really intense! Maybe some more tweaking to the back foot?
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Should I mention you?
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Oh no, it's okay. xD;;; <3
Why aren't you online? i have more WIPs for you (another new version) LOL
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i was replying via phone xD
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*+Favs then goes to play street fighter*
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I don't even need to say how great this is, well done my friend well done.
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