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Ragnarok Awaits

loosely based on Thor vs the Jörmungandr.

(and apparently Ragnarök can't be spelled correctly due to DA's headline restrictions)

Metal was possibly involved.



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Ride to meet your fate...

Personally, I prefer Sabaton's version.
That girl knows how to kick ass
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beautiful!! I'm particularly fond of the sea foam and water movement! well done ^^~
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Outstanding work! Absolutely epic!! :wow:
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This is so sweet! Super coloring! <3
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Wonderful lighting!
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Ooooh very interesting. I like the boat, water splash and snake skin texture :)
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This is mind-blowingly impressive.
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This work reminds me of Amon Amarth's "Twilight oh the Thunder God" hahah
"...Jörmungandr twist and turns, mighty in his wrath..."

Amazing work man.
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that would be the song :D
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This is clearly proof why EVERYTHING should be done under the influence of metal
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pretty much THIS
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aaarrgh, I don't understand why it's spelled RagnarOk in danish and norwegian when it's spelled RagnarÖk in english, icelandic, german, swedish and finnish x( I've always thought Ragnarok was correct because that's what it's called in norwegian (and it seems more "right" to me because I'm a native speaker), but I guess I was wrong. Icelandic is the language closest to old norse, and if they say Ragnarök, they're probably "right". Sorry for the long and sort of irrelevant comment.
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Why Thor...I see you have embraced your feminine side.
Does Sif know about this?
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maybe amon amarth or rebellion...

i like Jörmungandr's hairstyle
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