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Based on a dream.

I wanted this done for Halloween, but it was a busy weekend.

done in Photoshop/Painter.

Sei © me
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She looks like my wife, the beautiful Princess Keltoum.

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This is why zombies are especially frightening to me. But you depicted fighting that battle nicely!
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say, do you hunt zombies and... "otherworld-humans" as well in your dreamscape ?
I am rather happy hunting, then getting hunt by wolfs and boars. dreams can be such an exciting side of life, but it seems it always ends up in stress . or sex. mhhh.
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either could have been a factor in this as well.
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Wow, I can feel all her determination ;)! Very good job on both technical and visual aspect!
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Kick ass. Dynamic. Simply amazing.
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You must have really kickass dreams...
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I thought I should let you know that if you did Nariko/Heavenly Sword fanart that I would have a brain spasm :love:
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Love that warcry! There's a great epic feel of this. Doesn't seem like it was a scary dream to me, but more of a powerful KICKASS epic fantasy dream:D

I'd be curious to know if you dream from the perspective of your characters, as an outside observer, or both at once, like an interactive movie. Lucid dreaming that spurs people to do art always fascinates me.
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I don't normally have dreams that are good enough to work from. This was a very quick nightmare that came and went. I had the sketch of the girl laying around for another picture. They just worked so well together and I ran with it :)
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whoa thats some creepy dream ... man. so did you dreamed being one of the zombies or the hot chick? now, again i'm uncertain of your gender =p
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The faceless things were the dream (it was very quick). I had the sketch of Sei for awhile but nowhere to really apply it.
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never doubt that you are a dood for a sec :D
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So expressive!!!
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Damn, that certainly is creepy.
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*~* omg, this is so cool~ Gawsh your dreams are freaky. 8D ahuhuhu~ zombiessss
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Before I read the description I thought this was totally along the lines of a magic card.

Hopefully you won in the dream cuz those buggers are scaryyyyy.
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