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Conquer and Devour

So this is a pic for stuffing my portfolio. Not easy setting time lately for personal work. And it's going to get even busier after the new year, it seems.

all Photoshop with a b/g reference provided by :icontirael:

megan is ©me
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DarkBlack315's avatar
everyone of the pic is a fave
awaproject's avatar
awesome....great colors....
Elinewton's avatar
Beautiful body on the girl!!
Amazing artwork!!
ARTRIAD's avatar
Super action shot and beautifully painted.
LanguidTiger's avatar
i wish there was more leading. You see her and the creature she's fighting is an afterthought~

Aaestraex's avatar
Her bent angle is really convincing, I have so many problems with angles^^
SuicidalMarshmallow's avatar
Wow, the lighting in this one is amazing!
JazylH's avatar
Terrific work!
CG-MCPO's avatar
amazing how you portrayed the power in her legs!!!
Ragewave's avatar
Impressive energy in their bodies.
Dendory's avatar
Really nice! I like the way her body looks!
RhysBriers's avatar
oh man this is stunning work!
Chrono1209's avatar
lol that monster thing is hilarious
ART-of-PERCEPTION's avatar
Wow! makes me think of Frazetta
TyroneLove's avatar
The monster looks great.
FireDragon87's avatar
I adore fantasy.
MetlWolf's avatar
Wasn't able to download for the fave, which is a shame because it look damned good in the thumb. :(
The1Blur's avatar
"Hey, gimme back my sock ya goat bastard!" ~Peter Griffin LMAO!!
AndreaTamme's avatar
I swear. My goal is to one day paint as beautifully as you do.
wow its great love the the shading and lighting
run lil girly runnnn lol. a stunning piece of work
Butch007's avatar
Damn, I clearly missed a lot of artwork being away. Good stuff!
Gargu's avatar
The sword is kinda silly.
Cantus-J-Fraggle's avatar
And the big, ugly monster chasing a scantily clad fawnish female through a forest is perfectly rational?
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