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so about a week back i saw :iconamericanninjax: post his version of this meme: [link]

i had to take a shot at this. and i don't normally do memes, but this is one that makes you actually LEARN something. it's a wonderful exercise!

the origin and creator: :iconnapalmnacey: and you can find the blank here: [link]

Mia and all her faces are © me and no part of this may be reproduced , traced, etc with out my say so.
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Merci pour cet exercice !!!
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Excellent exercice.
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this is great, Dan. And my favorite meme I've seen on DA, hands down. Tired is my fav, reminds me of my little one, such a cute face. "Daddy, I'm not tired... 5 more.... minut..e..s.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
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This is really cool, I love a lot of the expressions, if you don't mind some feedback...

Confused looks more like puzzled or something... when I think of confused, I think it has a bit more worry in it.

Sarcastic looks more like indifferent or something... I think sarcastic has a bit more smirk to it.

Flirty looks more like playful or something... I think flirty needs a bit more flirt in it LOL.

Yeah overall pretty awesome!
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really nicely done dan! did you use any ref?
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I dunno if this sounds gay or not, but as a guy find your drawing skills sexy!

Also, thought you were a my bad! (no homo) <--[inside joke] lol
DanHowardArt's avatar
many think i am. i dunno why but no offense taken :D
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Its that boyish (androgyny) appeal -points to avatar. Who knows or maybe just have good genes...

edit: Sorry for late reply just sorta learned today how to find older comments left behind needing reply.
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Definitely gonna do this up :) Thanks for posting the links.
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I really like that you didn't just draw a head, but included the shoulders, hands, arms. It really brings another level to the pictures. Well done.
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That looks WAY funner than studying for a psychology exam. o_________o

I think my favorite out of yours are WTF and irritated. I can kinda see her do something like tap her foot as she's twirling her hair.
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but i like psychology D=
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Oh, the class is good. But drawing > behavioristic paradigm study. XD;
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haha, these are great! I've been working on environments so much the past several years that I'm not sure I could pull this off. Props!
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aww she soo cute ^-^ really expressive I love her smile
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Thats really cool! and good too. Though I would have thought "triumph" would have been happier...
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looks happy to me.
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hmm she just wasnt smiling much... but i really dont know the character.

but anyway, just wanted to put in a little advice along with the admiration
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I need to get at it and do this one.
Very cool.
Great array of emotions.
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So much character here dude! This is quite beastly. Hope I can find some time to try this out too.
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Wow, really exceptional job at maintaining all of the landmarks of the character face through all of the expressions, most of the time this is where so many artists seem to crash and burn.
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that's hell of a hard exercice, and you mster it very well! :)
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I've found this very educative and good to look at. This'll help me in portrets and developing a sence for expressions.
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