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yes, this is a real tattoo. that was debated in the comments so i figured i would clear it up here.

this is on a client of mine named David. took 3 sittings if i remember correctly. in this photo, it is pretty much healed except for the whites and some final details in some darks. this is also his first tattoo. as you can imagine, he is a huge spiderman fan.

thanks for all the comments everyone!!

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Mar 26, 2007, 9:04:07 AM
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Omg this looks so cool!
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awesome bra just awesome :)
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But spiderman puts the suit over the top of his skin, he doesn't have claws either to tear his own flesh open.. Not a fan
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Mmm dem nips ;D

((haha that's actually freaking awesome!!))
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this is freaking amazing!!!!!!!
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Hey, I posted a photo of a fake tattoo I found on google a while ago, but someone recently asked me if this photo was the inspiration, and yes it was!
This is my fake tattoo: [link] hope you don't mind I copied it ;P though it looks less cooler than this one. Amazing work!! It drove me nuts to paint this ;)
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so YOU are the owner of this popular tattoo?
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uuhhhhhhh it definitly looks like his skin is ripping.... and has a mole or something
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best tattoo EVER!!
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I've seen this all over the internet, and now I finally know the source :) This is amazing and beautiful. I can only hope that I find a tattoo artist as talented as you.
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That is amazing. I would love to get a tattoo done by you!!
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this is great!! i want one too!!
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oh. Just wait until he likes superman
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wow looks amazing, i thought it was a painting at first glance!
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This is the sickest (In the good sense of the word), most well blended tattoo I have ever seen 0_0 It really looks the skin has been ripped aside. Totally wicked.
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Holy crap, that's amazing but I bet it freaked out his girlfriend the first time she saw it. I've seen a few tattoos similar in style to this and I always wondered how you get the ripped skin look?
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cudos. That look flipping awsome.
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This is pure awesomeness! XD I want to get a similar thing done on my thigh but instead of Spiderman I want dragon scales glistening underneath.
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this. is bloody amazing.
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